Dog training is on the command "You can!"

Few know, but training a dog is only on the command "You can!" very helpful. This not only looks spectacular, but also carries an important function. This skill allows the owner to better control his pet, and also does not allow the latter to eat, pick up from the ground what he did not allow the owner. Let's figure it out together how to achieve this from our dog!

Dog training is on the command "You can!"

We suggest you watch our training video, in which you can see the performance of the team by the representative of the West Highland White Terrier breed.

Detailed instructions for learning the "You Can!"

It is important to start training your dog as early as puppyhood. This is the only way you can TEACH, not retrain. A little puppy easily and quickly masters new knowledge and skills.

Having firmly decided to start studying the team, never give indulgences. Once allowing you to arbitrarily eat a serving of food, you have to start learning again.

One day to learn the team will not work. Repetitions should be systematic and regular.

The development of this team takes about 3-4 days.

To learn the command, make eye contact with the animal. The dog should look right at you.

Place a bowl of food on the floor. Wait until you say nothing.

If the pet begins to arbitrarily go to the bowl and eat, take the food and say firmly: "It is impossible!".

Place the bowl on the floor again.

Repeat the two previous paragraphs until the pet begins to wait for your permission.

If tailed is waiting for your team, does not go to food, say "You can!". Only then can he go to the bowl.

Pet a dog approvingly, praise. So, you will create positive associations with this action. Specialists in cynology have long been talking about the effectiveness of the incentive method of training, rather than punishment and abuse.

Little life hack! In order for the dog to not have aggression towards the owner in the process of eating in the future, put a few fingers right in the bowl while the pet is eating. So, you will show that you can be trusted. Otherwise, you may encounter a situation where the four-legged begins to growl, bite, if you want to take his bowl.

We hope you enjoyed our article and video, and the training process will be a pleasure!

Екатерина    29 May 2020 - 10:27

Как классно! Моя ест и не спрашивает)))

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Анна    2 December 2021 - 13:29

Сколько не пыталась приучить никак не вышло(

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