Memo to the seller: the secret of successful sale of a pet

Given the fact that the market today is becoming more and more tough due to enormous competition, not only buyers want to protect themselves, but also sellers. Buying / selling pets is the same business with its own rules, pitfalls. To ensure that in the future you do not have problems at various stages of selling your pet, we will discuss some points below.

"Paid taxes - sleep well"

Yes Yes! Our tip: start with this. Around a business, there are their own rules, rules, and attitudes that must be observed.

Typically, the breeder pays taxes as an individual. In the month when you intend to sell kittens or puppies, you must pay a single tax on the sale by individuals of kittens and puppies, subject to the maintenance of a pet (cat, dog). In your country, this tax may have a different name. Its size is small in comparison with the profit that you get from the sale of graduates, and sleep is really calmer.

The secret to a successful sale is quality ad


The well-known catchphrase “Don't judge a book by its cover” is completely inapplicable to business. The first thing a person sees in your ad is a photo of your little ones. If she "hooks" him, he will read the text. Here are some basic rules for a really good shot:

Neutral background

Focus on the pet, not on its surroundings

Natural colors

Lack of explicit, flashy handling

Image clarity

Having made a good “cover” of your proposal, you can begin to create text. The main thing is to distinguish yourself from other nurseries, and only you know how to do this. Think about what advantages you have (imported blood of manufacturers, health tests, rare coat color, etc.). Be sure to mention the titles of your dogs or cats, if any.

In order to a little closer to attract a potential buyer write more life characteristics of the proposed pets. For example, what kind of character they have (perky, funny, humble), how they eat, interact with each other, etc. So, you will establish closer contact with a person on the other side of the screen and cause him positive emotions.

In no case do not try to disguise, hide any details of the sale, to trick. It will be revealed sooner or later, and trust in you will be completely lost. In addition, the client can easily give you “anti-advertising”, which will dampen the established authority of your nursery.

Important! Do not overcharge the caudate. Adequately evaluate his appearance, prospects, family tree. Too high, unreasonable price will only scare.

Communication with the buyer

If your ad is composed beautifully and competently, you won’t have to wait long for the first calls from customers. Now we will talk about some of the nuances of communication with the buyer.


Online / Phone

In the sales process, it is important to clearly distinguish between people who are really ready to buy your animal from you and those who call just to ask, chat. Very often, children can secretly call their breeders from the parents to the breeders of the puppy or kitten they like and even try to agree on something.

Important! Your customer is 18+. He really intends to have a pet and will not waste either his or your time in vain. Many nurseries right in the ad indicate that communication is only with adults.

When a person who is interested in a four-legged phone calls you, it is important to build a dialogue with him correctly, convince him, calm him down, and build trusting relationships. To do this, take the conversation into your own hands. Speak clearly, confidently, and to the point. Excess "water" can only confuse. It does not matter whether you communicate in the messenger or by phone, you must give the buyer all the information he needs in an understandable manner and without unnecessary terminology. In the process of such a conversation, for example, you can tell the basic points (the date of birth of the litter, the number of children, their color, what documents will be, which affects pricing, when it will be possible to pick up the baby, how delivery takes place). Discuss more serious nuances when you realize that this person is really serious (booking stages, deposit, contract, final price, etc.).

Important! Do not send any documents over the Internet. There are times when competing breeders try to get your pedigree in this way, for example, and learn more about the blood of your nursery. Also, your pedigree can be used for display by strangers nurseries under the guise of their own customers.

Personal meeting

Almost everything depends on how the personal meeting will take place. It depends on her whether a person will buy a puppy / kitten or not. Prepare for it as thoroughly as possible.

Before the arrival of the buyer, take care of the cleanliness and order in the walls of your nursery (wash floors, bowls, clean trays, get rid of unpleasant odors, if any). Preparing the kids will also not be superfluous. If they sleep, start waking them in advance so that a person can interact with them.

As soon as the buyer crosses the threshold of your home, take care of his comfort and position him. To do this, offer him slippers and an antibacterial spray. This, by the way, will further assure him that you carefully monitor the order. Afterwards you can offer tea or coffee and talk in a calm, pleasant atmosphere.

Important! Slippers, for example, are not only a concern for the buyer, but also the health of your guests. You cannot know exactly what nurseries he has visited before. Together with shoes, socks, a person can bring you extra germs, infections.

During a personal meeting, demonstrate the parents of the litter, tell about their achievements, titles, health, etc. Showing the babies themselves, tell us how their birth took place, how you feed them, what their character traits may be, you can already see concrete perspectives.

Verify the authenticity of your words by using all the necessary documents. You can show and tell about the pedigree of animals, ancestors, their titles. If you have already issued a veterinary passport, show marks on deworming, vaccinations.

Important! Do not push on the person. No need to constantly ask: "Well, how do you like it? Well, what have you decided? Well? Take it? ”Etc. This will scare away the person, as he will feel sandwiched.

If the outcome of the meeting is favorable, and the buyer is ready to buy a pet from you, discuss the nuances of booking. Explain to the person that making a deposit for a particular litter representative is your mutual safety. Thus, you assure the person that the specific tailed one will not go to another person, and you will not wonder if this person will buy a pet or not.

The amount of prepayment varies from one nursery to another. Someone takes only 10%, and someone immediately asks for full payment. This business is purely individual.

If a person is worried, afraid to make a deposit, offer a receipt. In it, you indicate that you took such and such an amount of money as a prepayment for a puppy, for example. Your passport data will be indicated there. Make it in two copies: one for the buyer, the other for you.

The same applies to the preparation of the contract of sale. Its design depends only on whether the buyer needs it or not. In it you can register whether a person has the right to breed this animal, on what conditions, as well as everything about the process of buying and transferring a pet.

Feedback from the breeder to the buyer


In intelligence, authority plays a huge role. When you are known as a good, trusted, conscientious breeder, you will never have problems selling puppies or kittens. To build it is a tremendous work, which can be spent not a single year.

An important factor in trusting you will be feedback. What do we mean? For example, you bought a kitten from you. Be sure to call at least the first time with the buyer, ask him about how the baby is doing, how the process of socialization, growing up, etc. So, you bring people to yourself, which will entail recommendations from you, as a good breeder, to friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the sale of pets is a huge work, which also has its ups and downs. If you really love your job, you will be expected to succeed!

And remember: each pet has its own owner!

Наталья Оргельц    17 July 2019 - 14:04

Да, это правда.. попадаются совсем неадекватные покупатели(

Елена    28 October 2019 - 09:53

Да, покупатели бвают разные. К сожалению, среди них встречаются и недобросовестные, и наглые, и просто неадекватные. Но очень приятно, когда при встрече подходят и благодарят за хорошо выращенного питомца, за комочек счастья, который поселился в их доме. Это самая большая благодарность за наш труд.

нина    24 January 2020 - 17:26

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11 February 2020 - 12:35

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Наталия Швед    2 April 2022 - 11:54

та же самая проблема, в итоге немогу разместить объявлкние, ввожу город, он не вводится и не выпадает, форму заполнить невозможнл, в обратную связь писала результата нет!

Bastern    12 October 2023 - 10:47

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