Waiting ≠ reality: how to choose a dog or a cat and not make a mistake?

After the idea that it would be extremely cool to make a four-legged friend arose in your head, a huge range of questions arise, which are often very difficult to find an answer. Below PetGlobalts will try to touch on the main nuances that will help you not to make a mistake with the choice of a dog, a cat.

The choice of dog, cat, depending on your goals


To date, there are three classes of pets:

Pet (or as it is also called - on the "pillow"). It is tailed for home, soul.

Show. Such a baby is acquired for the purpose of demonstrating at exhibitions, obtaining titles.

Breed The main task here is to build a career / professional breeding.

Such an important aspect determines the future purchase price, since a purebred representative that meets the international breed standard, without marriage, is required to build an exhibition and breeding career. For the Pet class, deviations from the generally accepted norm are allowed when choosing a pet (dog, cat).

"Sober head" when choosing a pet.

This means that in such an important issue it is impossible to rely solely on emotions, the first impulse at the sight of a photograph. It is important to reasonably and objectively reason, view an ad, a photo of an interested puppy or kitten.

A very big problem, entailing subsequent disappointment from the acquisition, is the emotionality of the potential owner when choosing a pet. When you look at the image, you are ready to give all the money and rush to meet a tailed friend. This is fundamentally wrong, since in this case you lose sight of the likelihood of cheating on the part of the nursery, withholding any defects in appearance and health.

Important! A photo is often not equal to reality. Breeders can use various programs for editing, “polishing”, perfecting the exterior of their graduate.

Communication with the breeder

Having decided on a nursery, a breeder, the moment of communication comes. To do this, you can use completely different means, which will be convenient for both parties. So, for example, if you are embarrassed to personally call the owner, write to him in one of the messengers.

The PetGlobals team still advises a telephone conversation, as it will help you understand if you are impressed by the person on the other end of the wire, hear HOW he speaks about his guests, how confidently he evades. In the messages on the phone you can’t identify all these points, but you will see only dry text that can be beautifully designed and veiled.

Another excellent means of contact with the seller is Skype. Using video, you can see the breeder, talk to him + ask to demonstrate the pet that interests you.

The PetGlobals.com platform, in turn, offers built-in chat on the site. There, you can share photos, videos with the seller. Its advantage is the preservation of the history of correspondence, which can help you in the event of any controversial situation.

The choice of dog, cat in person

girl with malamut

Imagine a situation: you chose an ad, talked with the owner of a dog or cat, found out certain nuances of acquiring an animal, and it would seem that everything suits you. You are ready to meet in person. What kind of snag can it be? A great many!

First of all, we advise you to pay attention to the situation in the house, i.e. the presence of an unpleasant odor, cleanliness, accuracy, the conditions in which our smaller brothers are kept. The appearance of the breeder himself is also important: the way he is dressed, how competently he speaks to you, explains all aspects of the choice of a dog, a cat.

Also ask the owner of the cattery to show you the producers, the parents of the animal. According to them, you can judge the prospects of the baby, a possible marriage.

Important! Ask all the documentation for the puppy / kitten and its parents. A good breeder will definitely show you the pedigree, titles (if any), veterinary passports with the seals of a private or state clinic about vaccination, health tests, etc. Ask what feed the animals eat (if this is an economy-class product, perhaps the person puts the material benefit above the health of the tail).

The appearance of a potential pet

alaskian malamut

Before you is a charming little ball of happiness. You are overwhelmed with emotion, and the baby seems the most beautiful on the planet. Stop! We remind you of the importance of "Sober Head"! Look at the animal adequately:

The kid should be playful, agile, active.

Under the eyes, smudges are unacceptable (except for breeds in which the nose is located close to the nasolacrimal canals, such as Persians, British, Pugs and others).

The purity of the ears is also very important, because the presence of an abundance of dirt in them can indicate the existence of otodectosis (ear mite).

The pet should be fed (no protruding bones, ribs, spine). External thinness may indicate either a recent illness or its development. I want to note that this item is individual, because there are breeds that are slender and thin by the standard.

Before visiting the nursery, familiarize yourself with the breed standard and try to evaluate a potential member of your family. Perhaps, in his appearance, a certain coat color, a jaw snack, etc. are not allowed.

The next step is booking a pet.

This step causes a lot of controversy among both sellers and buyers. The main help for him is prepayment. The breeder decides for himself whether or not to take a deposit. As a rule, it ranges from 10-100% of the cost of the animal. This is a kind of guarantee that a person will not change his mind and he has serious intentions. After all, there are frequent cases when the breeder does not give the pet to anyone, counting on the fact that he already has a master, who, as a result, disappears somewhere.

Do not be afraid of a deposit, because it is also a kind of confidence for you. You will know that a certain puppy, for example, is assigned to you, waiting for you.

In order to “not stay with your nose” when making an advance payment, ask for a receipt. It may contain approximately the following text: “I, full name, transferred the amount (+ currency) to account No. 123456789 as a prepayment for the dog / cat from the breeder's full name from the kennel“ Name ”.” Attach a receipt for the transfer of funds to it.

The receipt should be in writing, in duplicate, indicating passport data. If you make an online reservation for a pet, send it a scanned color version in electronic form.


To conclude it or not is the business of each individual nursery and each individual buyer. Its advantage is that it can indicate whether the pet is allowed for breeding, the purchase / sale price, conditions, and the name of the future owner. This is a certain guarantee of your peace of mind and the fact that in a controversial situation you can confirm that this animal is yours.

In conclusion, PetGlobals recalls that buying a pet is not a matter of time. You need to approach him as seriously and carefully as possible, because you take responsibility for the life of another living creature for a single year. Choose both mind and heart. Then the four-legged baby will become your most faithful friend.

If after reading our article you have any questions unanswered, a controversial situation arises when communicating with the seller, write to us, we will definitely try to help you!

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