What influences the price formation for a puppy?

Prices for puppies vary not only depending on the breed. Often, even babies from the same litter have different costs. But you probably already noticed that a dog from a famous nursery is not cheap. And the point is not that breeders know how to earn big money, allegedly almost without any effort. In fact, in most cases, the high cost is justified. Let's find out what the price of a dog is made up of.

walking Visiting exhibitions, training and analyzes

In order for animals to be allowed for breeding, they need to invest a lot of money. Without evaluations of the exterior of the parents, the results of tests for genetic diseases, and in some breeds without additional certificates of working qualities, it will not be possible to make good pedigrees for the future litter. And all these documents are not drawn up for free.

dog on exhibition

For participation in each exhibition you have to pay, and also for classes with a dog handler and trainer for dog training. Of course, in this regard, decorative pets are cheaper, because they are not required to take part in various competitions and pass an exam at least for the general training course. But then, to show themselves in all their glory, before each exhibition more time is spent in the salon. After all, without an attractive haircut and hair styling can not do.

breed Feeding the litter

It is good if the bitch has enough milk for all babies (at least in the first month). But often it is not enough. Then you have to buy a special substitute for milk from a veterinary pharmacy and feed the babies from the nipple. It is noteworthy that this product is much more expensive than a regular infant formula.


When the little lumps of happiness grow up, they include premium-quality food or high-quality meat (for example, ground beef), cottage cheese, eggs, vegetable puree, sea fish, and additional vitamins for the proper development of the growing organism. And the longer the kids stay in the nursery, the more expensive their maintenance.

And we have not yet taken into account how much you need to spend on a pregnant and then nursing mother. As well as examination by a veterinarian, enhanced nutrition, help with childbirth (if necessary).

vaccination Vaccinations and examination by a veterinarian

The breeder gives each puppy at least one vaccination (and often 2-3 - depending on what age the kids are selling). And before vaccination gives an anthelmintic. All of these drugs cost money. And the veterinarian who examines and vaccinates all pets does his job not for free.


documents Paperwork

For registration of puppy cards and pedigrees, cynological federations also assign a certain cost. And putting a chip and a stigma is still an additional expense. And if you multiply this amount by the number of puppies, it turns out that the breeder does not earn so much, and sometimes even goes to zero.


money Additional expenses

Do not forget that the money for one baby (or the alimentary puppy itself) goes to the owner of the male for mating.

And if you imagine what puppies are capable of doing, who at the age of 1-2 months are actively exploring the world, it becomes obvious that the room in which they lived will need to be repaired after all the children part in new homes.

So that dogs do not spoil furniture, floors and walls, they are entertained with special toys. And this again costs. It remains only to add to this article the cost of daily labor that the breeder puts in to grow litter. But this person works almost around the clock for 1.5-2 months.

So calculate how much a healthy puppy costs from good parents.

In addition, the formation of prices is affected by:

the prevalence of the breed, the fashion for it;

the number of puppies in the litter (the less they are, the higher the cost);

class (pet class is cheaper than show class);

gender and age (often males are more expensive);

big name and number of diplomas from parents and other blood relatives;

popularity of the nursery and reviews about it;

type of mating (when traveling, spending on the road is added on);

other individual factors.

Thus, puppies from parents without exhibition and work certificates are cheaper, and if they do not draw up documents, then the price decreases even more. Therefore, the variance in cost can be quite large. So, if you are not satisfied with the amount that the owner of the kennel has named, try searching cheaper or start saving on something to get a dream dog. Believe me, it's worth it!

София Иванова    18 December 2018 - 13:22

Вот прям в точку! Прям бесит а чего у вас так дорого, по сравнению с другими...Покупайте где хотите, если не понимает - прочтите. Вот для таких рассказывают! Никто не считает пораченное время и силы на подьем щенков, безсонные ночи..

7 February 2019 - 11:48

да да, и никому не интересно сколко ты сам потратил на покупку и перевозку хорошего производителя. Я держу всегда цену, так как знаю цену своим щенкам

Роман М.    15 October 2019 - 09:38

Подскажите нужно или нет делать договор при покупке собаки? Это дает гарантии на что-то?

Анна    2 December 2021 - 11:04

Наконец-то разобралась откуда эти космические суммы на породистых щенков) Большое спасибо)

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