Everything you wanted to know about dog mating

You first became the owner of a female and do not know how to behave when she reaches puberty? We tell how dogs mating, how to prepare for it and what to do after this event.

Everything you need to know about estrus in dogs

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Puberty in females occurs in 6-12 months. A signal to this is estrus, or estrus, a spotting from the loop. This suggests that the female is physiologically ready for mating and bearing puppies.

In dogs of different breeds, the first estrus passes at different times. In middle-sized, puberty occurs, as a rule, in 6-7 months, and large (Central Asian and Caucasian shepherd dogs, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, etc.) develop more slowly, therefore they have the first estrus later (at 8-10 months). But this is not a strict rule, since each organism is individual.

If you carefully monitor your pet, then by its behavior you can understand when this moment comes. Shortly before this, the female begins to urinate more often, becomes more active and naughty, may try to run away from the owner for a walk: the “playing” hormones encourage them to develop new territories and look for a “groom”.

In addition, on the street, the female often leaves odor marks to give the males a signal of readiness for mating. And many more during the onset of oestrus shed more. When examining the genital organs, you can also notice changes: the loop swells and slightly turns red.

If you meet a dog on a walk, you can also understand by his behavior that your girl will soon have estrus. Usually, the male representative shows increased interest in the bitch, sniffs her, tries to make a cage, but, as a rule, gets a rebuff, because the partner is not yet ready for mating.

Usually in domestic dogs, estrus happens 2 times a year. In native breeds of females (which are most similar to their ancestors), oestrus sometimes occurs only 1 time per year, and often giving birth to bitches living in warm houses and in the most comfortable conditions, can flow 3 times a year.

On average, estrus lasts 21 days (the first may be shorter), but, as a rule, not all of these days are favorable for pregnancy. If we take into account that the female is ready to mate for three weeks, then usually she lets the male in her only during the second week (about 8-15 days). Even if mating occurs sooner or later, conception may not occur. However, there are exceptions to this.

Many breeders choose 10-11 days for this (these are the most favorable days for breeding dogs) and after 2-3 days they conduct a second (control) mating with the same male. Then there is a high probability that pregnancy will occur.

Things to take care of before a viscous dog


If your pet has a pedigree and a mark from the exhibition that allows breeding, it is best to contact the breeder from whom you purchased your four-legged friend. If it was a specialized nursery, its owner will tell you how to find the right pair for your bitch. Each breed has its own characteristics, so the consultation of a knowledgeable and experienced person will not be superfluous.

We give here only universal rules regarding dog breeding:

Carefully select the "groom". The partner can be found through advertisements on the Internet and in specialized print media, as well as at exhibitions and dog training competitions. Knitting Ads

The first mating is best planned for the third estrus. By this time, the body is already fully physiologically formed, so it’s easier to bear and give birth to puppies.

The representatives of the canine family do not have the so-called menopause - they can bring offspring in old age. However, it is not recommended to bitch a female older than 7-10 years: at this age, various diseases often appear, joints become inflamed, so pregnancy and childbirth can be harmful to health. In addition, you should not knit more often than once a year, because this is a big burden for the body.

1-2 months before the alleged mating, it is recommended that future parents be taken to a veterinary clinic for testing for infections such as staphylococcus (staphylococcus), herpes (herpes), streptococcus (streptococcus), etc. Do not forget about tests for genetic diseases.

How do dogs mate

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Usually the “bride” is brought to the “groom”. Although there are exceptions. The owners choose a suitable place, but it is better that this is a territory familiar to the dog. Otherwise, he may feel insecure.

Any calm room is suitable for decorative breeds, and it is better for large pets to arrange a “date” on the street (in a fenced area where there are no passers-by and other external irritants). It is important that the cover (floor or ground) is not slippery.

An accident occurs in the presence of the owners. Inexperienced dogs may need help (for example, to plant a dog or hold a bitch so that she does not run away from the boyfriend). First, the pets flirt with each other, the dog licks the noose and ears of the “bride”.

When the female is ready, she takes her tail to the side, the male cages and inserts the genitals into the loop. Some time later, the vulva contracts and pinches the penis. This phenomenon is called a castle. “Groom” and “bride” can stand in the castle from 5 minutes to an hour. At this time, sperm penetrate the uterus.

You can’t try to separate the castle, as this can harm animals! When the muscles relax, this will happen by itself. Then give the newlyweds a drink of fresh water and take them home to rest. Active games and long distance walks are not recommended.

Dog care after mating

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Understand that pregnancy has come, you can rounded belly. Some females in the “position” become more affectionate, often cling to the owner, require stroking. Otherwise, the behavior, as a rule, does not change. But to make sure that she is really pregnant, and not just getting fat, will help ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity.

Please note: if you want to know the number of puppies, do the examination not late, but on day 30-35. Then the kids can be counted by skeletons. And already closer to the third month (the dogs carry offspring 55-70 days), the puppies are too large to be able to make out each one with the help of the apparatus.

A pregnant bitch does not require special care, but she needs to be fed more wholesome food. It is not necessary to increase the amount of food so that it does not gain excess weight, but it is necessary to approach the choice of products responsibly. Food should be fresh, without preservatives or colorings. It is useful to give cottage cheese with kefir, boiled beef, various vegetables.

Note that pregnant women should not be vaccinated, so postpone the planned vaccination at a later date. And do not treat with chemical preparations against fleas and ticks and protect from hypothermia.

Approach responsibly to the "dog wedding." A case is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Pregnant and lactating female needs special attention. Therefore, before you find her "groom", make sure that you can cope with possible difficulties.

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