3 main mistakes of a dog lover in winter

In the winter, a person begins to buy warm shoes, clothes, protective creams for the skin of the face and hands, etc. However, for some reason he forgets about his beloved pet. But he also has a need for warmth, comfort, and health. Let's look at the 3 main mistakes of dog lovers in the winter!

Shoes for dogs - it's pampering!

When we see a dog of the Chihuahua breed, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian Spitz, for example, in special shoes or socks on the street, we involuntarily grin and perceive it as something stupid, unnatural. In fact, the skin, hair, and paw pads of the four-footed also need protection.

Dog's shoes

Our roads are actively sprinkled with salt, various mixtures to reduce slippery. We are protected by shoes. Now imagine what happens to the skin of the dog, which gets all this nuclear mixture. Without much delay dryness, cracks, and even a severe allergic reaction appear. That is why think about the health of your pet, the comfort of his paws, and not what your neighbor will think.

Here you can buy shoes for your dog.

Dog clothes only suitable for decorative breeds

Another misconception that brings discomfort not only to the dog, but also to its owner. First of all, I want to note that not every dog ​​has a dense undercoat. Some simply don’t have it and freeze at the slightest freezing temperature.

Dog clothes

Secondly, the dog quickly smeared (at least its paws). Constant washing and drying do not very well affect the quality of the skin and the condition of the coat. Clothes (raincoat, jacket, overalls) will not only protect your dog from the cold, but will also make your life easier, eliminating the need for eternal bathing.

Look after your tailed quality clothes.

Did your dog sit on the asphalt? Long live cystitis!

Very often, a dog can sit down during the game while you are standing at a traffic light, for example. This seems like a harmless situation, but there could be a serious danger lurking behind it. Sitting down constantly on cold, frozen ground, the dog runs the risk of freezing the organs of the reproductive, urinary systems, kidneys. As a result - an expensive treatment, which, God forbid, will give its result.

PetGlobals strongly recommends that in the cold season not to let your pet sit on cold ground.

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