Proper dog feeding: daily ration and frequency

Nutrition has a strong effect on health. In this regard, it is important to correctly compose a dog’s diet. Food should be balanced, nutritious and not oily. So, in useful feed there are:

products of plant and animal origin;

fats, proteins, carbohydrates - in the right proportion;

vitamins and minerals.


In industrial dry food and canned food (choose only premium!), All these elements are already balanced, so the owner can only follow the serving standards and the recommended number of feeds. You will find these tips on the packaging of a particular product. If you prefer the so-called natural, then the products must be balanced on their own.

list Natural food for dogs - composing a menu

About 2/3 of the ration of a dog of any breed should consist of meat and offal. Only for an elderly pet the ratio should be changed. An aging body is more difficult to digest and digest meat products, so their amount is reduced to 40%, and the remaining 60% falls on cereals and vegetables. In addition, exclusively low-calorie foods are selected for the old man.

So, for pets you need:

meat (raw - after defrosting, semi-raw and boiled) - beef, horse meat, also a little low-fat pork and lamb are allowed;

boiled chicken, turkey;

by-products, or offal - stomach, tongue, liver, lung;

cartilage, tendons, chicken and duck necks;

boiled sea fish (instead of meat, and preferably no more than 1-2 times a week);

vegetables - cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber;

dairy products - milk (best only for puppies), kefir, cottage cheese (fat content not more than 6%), yogurt, yogurt;

cereals - oatmeal, millet, buckwheat, rice;

berries, excluding grapes, and fruits (although not everyone loves them);

chicken eggs (in raw form they are added to cottage cheese, and in boiled form they are fed as an omelet);

dried bread and hard cookies.

It is also recommended to add greens, bran (an excellent source of fiber, which is important for digestion), bone meal, table salt (very little), vegetable oil. A growing and aging body may need additional vitamins and minerals. They are sold in veterinary pharmacies in the form of tablets or powder. Consult a veterinarian to choose the right vitamin complex.

Never give tubular bones! They can get stuck in the throat of the animal and seriously injure. Yes and there is no benefit from such a "meal". In addition, you should not feed the pet leftovers from the table, any sweets, smoked meats and pickles.

An individual daily diet for an animal is made taking into account the breed, sex, age, weight, pore of the year, lifestyle, physical and mental activity. So, animals living on the street in the aviary are fed more often in winter, since they need more energy to heat the body.

Fish and meat are combined with cereals and / or vegetables. And dairy products are given only separately. For example, as an evening feed, it is allowed to mix cottage cheese with kefir.

A properly picked portion is evidenced by a cleanly licked bowl. But at the same time, the pet should not rush to food with “burning” eyes, after it has recently eaten tightly.

dogs When and how many times a day to feed the dog

Puppies from 1 to 4 months are fed in small portions 5 times a day, in 4-5 months - 4 times, in 5-6 months - 3 times. Then gradually transferred to two meals a day (in the morning and evening). Adult dogs also eat.

Feeding is best organized at the same time and after a walk. Firstly, the animal will have time to build an appetite, and secondly, before going out to the street, it is better not to eat enough, because outdoor games are contraindicated immediately after eating. Therefore, feed at least an hour before your walk.

If the dog has not finished eating, remove the bowl after 15 minutes. Do not leave food all day. Otherwise, your tailed friend will not get used to the diet.

And keep in mind that in the bowl of your four-legged friend there should always be fresh water at room temperature. Keep in mind that animals that consume dry food drink more.

Now you know how to feed the dog. Do not spare money for fresh and high-quality products, because malnutrition will harm your health. And then a visit to the veterinarian will cost much more.

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