How to choose the Pomeranian Spitz?

list Types of Pomeranian Spitz and their differences

Pomeranets is a miniature variety of German Spitz. This mischievous dog (only 22 cm tall) looks like a fluffy ball with bead eyes. Despite the fact that Pomeranian is only one species, they increasingly began to ask about the external difference among this breed. The main distinguishing feature is the shape of the muzzle.

Pomeranian first type.

An elongated miniature muzzle, almond-shaped eyes and a narrow chin make this dog look like a fox. The compact and slightly elongated (unlike other subspecies) body is located on thin legs. Chanterelle oranges appeared earlier than the rest, so they are considered classic. But today even more cute and unusual pets are gaining more and more popularity.


Pomeranian second type.

These pets are in great demand today. The so-called Taddy bear captivates with its flattened face with a slightly raised chin, close-set eyes and barely noticeable small ears. Thick undercoat covers not only a rectangular body, but also paws, cheeks, along with cheekbones, forehead. In addition, the tail twisted into a ring is slightly shorter than that of a fox. This gives the impression that the orange bear is a square ball of wool.


choice What to look for when buying an orange?

Before you buy a little four-legged friend, carefully study the breed standard. Pay attention not only to the description of the appearance, but also to the character. And only when you are sure that this dog suits you, look for a responsible breeder who sells puppies with documents and vaccinations.

Type definition

In a newborn puppy, it is impossible to accurately determine the type. It is finally formed only in adulthood (not earlier than a year), and the kids are all equally similar to furry bears. Of course, a genetic predisposition plays an important role, but it is not a fact that from a beautiful couple we will get the same puppies.

But do not be upset if you grow a "fox" instead of the desired "teddy bear." Get a "plush toy" will help a professional pet grooming of the classic exterior under the teddy bear.

Yes, and you do not need to chase fashion, because due to illiterate selection in animals with a flattened muzzle, problems with the respiratory organs often arise, the nasopharynx and trachea are deformed.

Puppy age

Breeders send dogs of many breeds to new homes from 1.5 months. However, in the case of oranges, you should not rush. At such an early age, this is just a lump weighing about 500 g and, probably, with immature immunity, since dwarf dogs are vaccinated a little later than large pets. Therefore, responsible breeders do not sell puppies before 3-3.5 months.

If you are already an experienced dog lover, you can take responsibility and vaccinate your puppy yourself. Of course, if the breeder agrees.

Even an adult orange is small, so it requires special care when handling it. And puppies are even more fragile. If you have small children who are not yet able to calculate their strength when they take the dog in their arms, then it is better to buy a puppy already bred (aged 6-9 months).

Spitz teeth

Breeding of individuals with a flattened muzzle has become a frequent cause of the formation of an incorrect bite in puppies. According to the standard, it should be scissor-shaped. Overshot bite and bite are disqualifying defects.

When buying a puppy at the age of 3-4 months, pay attention to the fact that he should already have a set of milk teeth: 6 incisors, 2 canines and 6 premolars on the upper and lower jaws. All teeth should be white. At the age of 4-7 months, usually milk incisors and fangs change to permanent.

Other questions

Do not forget to ask the breeder about any things that bother you. For example, if the coat is not thick enough and neat. And when examining the puppy, note that in males both testicles should be lowered into the scrotum.

In an orange litter, only 2-3 puppies are often born, so the cost of this fluffy miracle is at least 500 cu And the price of a pet class puppy is from 1000 to 5000 cu

If you make the right choice, then you will probably grow a constantly smiling teddy bear that will give a lot of positive emotions!

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