White, yellow vomiting in a dog: causes, treatment

Health is one of the most important aspects of a comfortable, happy and long life. And this applies not only to humans, but also to domestic animals. Agree, because by purchasing a pet, you expect it to become a member of your family? And this entails a certain responsibility on your part. Now you have to take care not only of timely feeding, walking and buying toys, but also the health of the quadruped.

Vomiting in a dog is always an unpleasant process for both the dog and its owner. Naturally, he begins to worry about the causes of vomiting, the need for treatment, the consequences. First of all, one should not panic, but approach with a "sober head" to resolve this problem.

By the way! The fact that a dog is sick is not always a signal that a disease is present. Read our article further to understand everything.

Causes of vomiting in a dog
vomiting in a dog

Exactly at the moment when you notice that your dog is vomiting, you need to concentrate your attention on it as much as possible. It is important to track the frequency of vomiting, what color, what precedes it, whether you have changed the pet's diet, what are the intervals between meals.

If nausea is extremely rare, do not be afraid, because this can be a completely healthy physiological process. It is worth starting to worry if this is repeated several times a day and is accompanied by diarrhea, deterioration in general condition, weakness, fever and other alarming symptoms.

In this case, you cannot self-medicate, but you should immediately take the caudate to the veterinary clinic!

Let's take a closer look at why a pet may be sick:

Spontaneous disposal of a foreign object in the stomach: for example, scraps of wool, small debris, etc.

Too long interval between meals. In the stomach, gastric juice is formed, which is necessary for the digestion of food. If it is not spent on time and in sufficient quantity for this function, it may be excreted by nausea in a dog;

Severe stress (moving, long trip, fright while walking, etc.);

The peculiarity of the structure of the gastrointestinal tract of miniature dogs often leads to periodic nausea in response to changes in diet, for example;

Increased salivation in some breeds, associated with jaw structure, can often be confused with nausea;

Reaction to vaccination;

Cleansing the body after eating grass.

The above causes of vomiting in a dog can be called natural, not life-threatening. The danger arises when the frequency of "cleansing" increases and is accompanied by other symptoms. Then we can talk about the likelihood of the presence of the following diseases:

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, intestinal obstruction and others;

Helminths (worms);

Viral infections (rabies, distemper);

Epilepsy (concerns the nausea that accompanies epileptic seizures);


Renal failure and others.

In this case, self-medication is useless and even dangerous. Be sure to contact your veterinarian!

Another possible cause is a stuck foreign body. If it is not sharp and is not stuck too deep in the mouth, you can try to get it yourself. Otherwise, you will need qualified assistance and possibly surgery.

White vomiting in a dog

vomiting in a dog

If your dog is sick of white foam, don't worry too much. This color, as a rule, indicates the physiological nature of the discharge. The intestines have accumulated mucus containing proteins and mucopolysaccharides. It is they who foam when in contact with oxygen. White vomiting in a dog is an attempt to cleanse the body.

Yellow vomiting in a dog

vomiting in a dog

Color is very important. On it, the doctor can determine the nature, the root cause of the discharge. Yellow vomiting in a dog has the following origin: light shade - an admixture of gastric juice, saturated - bile. The latter is produced by hepacites (liver cells).

Dog vomiting of undigested food

vomiting in a dog

Vomiting of food in a dog, as well as white, yellow, can indicate a serious illness, and it can be natural. So, for example, a female can vomit with food during lactation or pregnancy, any dog ​​due to overeating, allergies, uncooked large pieces of food, motion sickness, etc. Again, if it was a one-time situation. Speaking of regular nausea, deeper causes in the body itself may be implied.

The dog is vomiting. What to do?

As we wrote above, the main thing is not to panic. If the caudate has only vomited once and is feeling well, nothing can be done. If this is not the first time you observe this and the dog has become more lethargic, the following measures should be taken:

If the dog has lost consciousness, turn it on its side and stick out your tongue so that it does not choke and choke;

If he refuses to drink water, you can give it in portions and in time with a syringe (it is advisable that the drink is warm);

It is necessary to put the pet on a temporary diet (give him light cereals, broths);

Make portions smaller, but offer more often.

Absolutely forbidden:

Scold the animal, beat (so, you will undermine the trusting relationship between you, which will be very difficult to restore);

To independently select medications for your pet and prescribe their dosage;

Give human medicines.

By the way! Be sure to remove the collar from your neck, if you have one. He can strangle the dog while vomiting.

Treating vomiting in a dog

In cases where the dog is systematically nauseous, with impurities of food and blood, the color of the discharge changes, please do not self-medicate, but take it to the doctor urgently! Only in the clinic will a specialist be able to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Trying to become a "doctor" for your quadruped, you run the risk of starting the disease and lead to more dire consequences.

Be sure to listen to all the recommendations of your doctor. During the treatment of vomiting in the dog, it will probably be prescribed a special diet, drinking regimen and, of course, rest.

Treat the health of our smaller brothers with all attention and responsibility. Do not let everything take its course, do not treat yourself, but trust professionals, qualified doctors!

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