Dog eats excrement: why and how to fight?

Eating excrement is coprophagy. Almost every dog ​​owner faced this not very pleasant phenomenon. Many four-legged sinn this in puppyhood, but in others this continues in adulthood.

It will be unpleasant for any person to observe, and even more so, to smell from a dog who has just “feasted on” its own or other people's feces. That’s why let's figure out why your pet does this.

Why does a dog eat excrement?

There are many causes of coprophagy. It should be noted that it is far from always necessary to start to panic, noticing the caudate behind this matter. It is the least dangerous if the animal eats its stool (especially if you are sure that it has all the vaccinations, deworming, no viral infections). Serious troubles can be caused by eating other people's poop, since in such a situation the dog risks catching diseases and parasites.

dog eats

Eating excrement by a puppy can be a simple imitation of an adult mother who eats heaps of her cubs, thereby taking care of them.

Another reason for puppy coprophagy is to know the world. It will be enough for one kid to simply sniff at an unknown "pea", and another will want to lick and taste it.

Often the animal begins to eat its feces due to lack of attention. Thus, it tries to say: “Look at me! Play with me! I miss!"

Often due to the lack of activity, games, elementary toys, the pet begins to switch to the most unexpected items: for one, it will be an armchair, for another, it’s its own poop.

If a cat and a dog live under the same roof, they can begin to quarrel, fight for territory. Purrs with their bowel movements mark territory. A dog can eat all this, getting rid of enemy marks.

Stress is another common cause of coprophagy.

The last point I want to highlight the elementary hunger. Yes Yes! Exactly! Maybe your pet just does not eat up, does not get all the necessary elements, vitamins, etc.?

Dog eats feces: what to do?

First of all, you need to determine exactly why your pet is doing this. Watch him, try to change his diet, spend more time together, play, buy new toys.

Dog feces

If the cause is hunger, increase the serving of food. Additional vitamin supplements can be added to the diet. If the dog is bored, spend leisure time together (take long walks on the street, think over additional physical exercises, buy toys for joint and independent games). In the case when there is enmity between a cat and a dog, you will have to try and establish their relationship. You can read about it here. Paw coprophagy, as a rule, you just need to wait. Usually after 10 months it stops.

In order to prevent the eating of someone else's feces (which is more dangerous), take care of the competent education of your four-legged. He must know the command "Fu!", "It is impossible."

If you have taken all possible measures, but the dog still continues to eat poop, contact your veterinarian. Perhaps the reason lies in the deeper problems of the body, which sends a signal in this way (diseases of the thyroid, pancreas, infection, etc.).

Love your doggie, feed deliciously and fully, devote enough of your time and attention! Only in this way will you and your pet be happy together!

Екатерина    29 May 2020 - 10:30

Моя ела щенком еще свои какашки, взрослой вроде перестала, а то бесило страшно...

Людмила    29 May 2020 - 10:41

Ужасная привычка конечно

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