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  • WCF
  • Name: Natalia AlvaRoss
  • Date of registration:  2020-02-23
  • Был на сайте: 2020-02-23
  • Address:  Russian Federation, Volgograd
  • Pet type: Cat
  • Cat breed: Scottish straight, Scottish Fold
  • Регистрация кошек: WCF
  • Additional services: Consultation
Monobreed cattery of Scottish cats. Work experience in the breed for over 13 years. Silver and gold chinchilla, chinchilla point colors. The work of the nursery is aimed at obtaining healthy offspring, improving the phenotype, saturation of eye color. All producers of the cattery have titles, are examined for major genetic diseases and blood type. Each kitten is registered in the club and has a document of origin. Extensive experience in sending kittens to different countries of the world, assistance in preparing documents for sending.


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