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User: Алеся

  • Name: Алеся
  • Date of registration: 2019-03-27
  • Был на сайте: 2021-07-07
User Алеся was registered on the bulletin board 2019-03-27. Last time Алеся was online on the site 1 year 2 months back. Currently user Алеся posted 2 ads. This user currently has 47607 views. Seller's contact details: country: Belarus, telephone: +375295106503 . You can clarify all the details and contact the user through the Online consultant or through feedback.


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Updated on: 2021-03-03
  • Transport: Air Delivery, Cargo delivery, Automatische Lieferung, Ferry shipping, Train
  • Paperwork: Yes
  • Individual boxes: Yes
  • Pet Overexposure: Yes

?? Dates and routes are adjusted on an individual request. Grab your pets on any part of the path, deviation from the route is possible. Comfortable conditions, careful care, photo-video reports and communication throughout the journey. Pleasant prices.

Price: negotiated

Belarus, Vitebsk

Updated on: 2021-03-03

Delivery of CARGO from Minsk to Barcelona, Spain) Belgrade (Serbia) Berlin, Germany) Rome, Milan (Italy) Vienna, Austria) Prague, Czech Republic) Paris, France) Larnaca (Cyprus) Stockholm, Sweden) Helsinki (Finland)

Price: negotiated

Belarus, Minsk


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