10 of the most expensive cats in the world

Everything exclusive and extraordinarily beautiful is always expensive. So expensive cats were no exception. Such a representative of the cat world costs 500-20000 cu And sometimes this is not the limit, for example, if a kitten of a very rare color is born.

Why do the prices of the most expensive cats vary

The cost of animals varies greatly, and it depends on the class. They sell more expensive kids who do not have flaws in the exterior and are likely to become winners in exhibitions in the future. These are representatives of the so-called show class. For a cat of a very rare breed, the breeder will request from 3 to 20 thousand cu

If you can’t afford such expensive kittens, you can consider cheaper options: breed class (with minor flaws in the exterior) and pet class (with a lot of errors or unsuitable for breeding). Such a representative can be given for 500 dollars. So, let's find out which cats are the most expensive.

1. Savannah


This is currently the most expensive cat in the world ($ 4000-20000). Only its wild progenitor, the African serval, will cost even more. The weight of the savannah reaches 15 kg, so it is more suitable for keeping in a private house. The beast is incredibly beautiful, because due to its color it looks like a small copy of the cheetah.

2. Safari


This is a hybrid of a short-haired domestic and wild cat Geoffroy (Leopardus geoffroyi). Nowadays, Bengal and Siamese breeds most often act as a domesticated ancestor. The body length of the pet reaches 120 cm, and weight - 8-13 kg. In addition, uniqueness adds a bright leopard color. You can become a happy kitten owner for $ 4000-8000.

3. Chausi


This unique breed appeared as a result of crossing an Abyssinian (Abyssinian cat) and a bog (African) lynx, or house (Felis chaus). Her representative is recognizable by long legs, large triangular ears and the color of a fur coat like a cougar. Chauzy worth $ 1,500-5,000.

4. Khao Manee

Khao Manee

This snow-white beauty with charming eyes has been known for several centuries. Thais believe that kao-mani brings happiness, harmony and finances to the house. The main distinguishing feature in appearance is the “Diamond Eye”, which is often characterized by heterochromia. The price of kao-mani ranges from $ 1000-2000, but if you want to buy a kitten in Thailand, then do not forget to additionally calculate the delivery.

5. Toyger


The stately and very beautiful toyger looks really like a tiger, because his calling card is striped wool. Therefore, he is particularly admired by lovers of wild animals who are ready to give about $ 900-3000 for this beauty.

6. Bengal


Unlike many relatives, this little leopard loves water and swims well. Bengals are strongly attached not only to the house in which they live, but also to the owner. They are very curious and well trained. The cost is $ 800-2000.

7. Serengeti


Serengeti is a hybrid of Oriental and Bengal breeds, which hails from America. Its representatives are quite large (males sometimes weigh up to 14 kg). Appearance is remembered due to long paws and numerous rounded spots on the fur coat. Serengeti love to purr, and often do it tirelessly. Therefore, for lovers of peace and quiet this beast will not work. Its price varies between $ 600-2000.

8. Elf


Bent ears and a body without hair make these cats so eccentric that it seems that they are not from this world. The unique breed appeared only in 2006 in the USA. Parents of unusual elves are the Canadian Sphinx and American Curl. Breeders ask for a little elf $ 700-1500.

9. Bermilla, or Burmese silver

 burmesisches Silber

The aristocrat burmilla appeared in the UK as a result of an occasional crossbreeding between a Persian and a Burmese cat. Her woolen coat (both short and long) plays with all shades of gray, white, brown, beige. This cute creature weighs 4-6 kg. Currently, for a charming burmilla asking $ 500-900.

10. American curl

Amerikanische Locke

Pets are semi-long-haired and short-haired. In both species, the ears are bent backward. It is noteworthy that in a kitten they gradually begin to bend only a few days after birth. An American curl costs $ 500-700. Now there are a lot of ads with smaller numbers, but they are often put up by unverified sellers. A truly thoroughbred baby is usually more expensive.

Breeding work does not stop there. Who knows, maybe soon the world will find out about an even more expensive feline pet. After all, demand always creates supply.

Екатерина    15 October 2019 - 10:31

Бенгал - моя мечта!

15 October 2019 - 15:03

У меня бенгальчики есть свободные,они правда настоящая мечта)

Валентина    24 February 2020 - 15:43

Очень интересно ??!

Александр    29 August 2021 - 15:28

а как же Девон рекс ? я считаю это очень дорогой породой

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