8 popular myths about keeping cats

In this article, PetGlobals.com will try to debunk the most popular myths regarding grooming and keeping cats. Unfortunately, many of them appear generally from nowhere and do not carry absolutely no scientific background.

1. Childbirth for health.


It would seem that already so many articles have been written on the topic of sterilization of cats that are not intended for breeding, but people stubbornly continue to wait for the reproductive age of their pet so that she gives birth. And then you can think about sterilization!

Veterinarians claim that the ideal age for this operation is 7-10 months. In this period, sex hormones are still not secreted in purples. If you sterilize later, it may not save you from such unpleasant “side effects” as screaming, spring exacerbations, inappropriate behavior, running away from home in search of a groom, and so on.

2. Whiskas - cheap, healthy, tasty!

No matter how! A priori a quality product, whether cat food or human products, is not cheap. The low price is another reason to think about the fact that the composition almost certainly contains an abundance of preservatives, artificial additives, flavor enhancers and much more.

Whiskas, Pedigree, Kiteket - all these are products from the economy segment, in which your pet will get a decent dose of starch, cereals, flour, and not natural meat and vegetables.

3. There is no need to walk with a cat at all.

kitten is walking

Yes, purrs are mostly pets, which rarely appear on the street. But who told you that this would not be useful for him? After all, even the shortest walk (always on a leash or in the hands of the owner!) Is a change of scenery, socialization, experience of communication with strangers and animals. Moreover, there are breeds that, like dogs, need walking. For example, our beloved Bengal will never give up walking on the street.

4. The cat pulls furniture to make a dirty trick.


This is a completely unfounded statement. The desire to pick something up, how to stretch out is an absolutely instinctive desire of a cat, laid down in it at the genetic level. Of course, if there are no suitable devices for this activity, wallpapers, floors, sofas, armchairs will be used. But this does not mean at all that the cat is not raised and wants to do harm.

We advise you to just take a closer look at the various claws, of which there are so many today: from simple columns to full houses, complexes.

5. In summer, the cat is hot - you need to cut it.

It’s interesting, what does a person do with himself when it’s hot in summer?

Many groomer salons probably daily encounter the owners of cats, especially fluffy, long-haired, and their desire to "alleviate" their condition in the heat. In fact, by cutting the hair almost on the bald head, the owner simply deprives the cat of its protective cover. That's all.

Maybe initially it was not a matter of wanting to help a pet, but in the hope of ridding itself of wool on clothes and furniture?

6. The cat is clean and does not require special care.

clean cat

Yes and no. Looking at what angle to look. It is generally accepted that, unlike the same dogs, cats adore licking themselves, washing every centimeter of their body. This really helps them to keep their coat in a neat condition. However, this does not relieve the owner of the need to comb out the very wool, get rid of tangles, clean the ears, trim the claws, and rinse the eyes.

7. A cat and a dog are definitely not friends!

cat and dog

Live like a cat with a dog. Well, who did not hear this expression? However, in reality, such a neighborhood may well turn out to be successful. The only thing is to correctly take into account all its necessary aspects. So, for example, if a cat and dogs are very authoritarian in breed, proud, it will be very difficult for them to get along. If they are friendly and malleable, there will be no problems.

Many advise getting a cat and a dog at the same time or with a small time difference so that they grow together, just like brothers / sisters.

8. I am allergic to wool. I will get myself a bald cat!

One smart man said, and a month later he returned the "defective" kitten to the breeder with the words that he was allergic, but should not. In fact, this is a huge misconception, because very often the wool itself does not provoke an allergic reaction, but secretions from sweat glands, saliva.

Today we briefly examined the main misconceptions of people regarding cats. We hope you enjoyed our article. Do not make such mistakes with your favorites!

Мани Китен 7670    7 July 2021 - 15:21

Как же точно описали всё, что я слышу от своих знакомых...Насмешили!!!

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