All About Usher's False Breed

Today, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise a person. The market offers a wide range of manufacturers of cars, household appliances, cosmetics, clothing and other goods. People are becoming more and more sophisticated and crave something new, exclusive, rare. This trend is not bypassed, of course, and the world of pets.

New breeds of dogs and cats, various colors - all this is created in order to satisfy human desires.

Unfortunately, very often this provokes the appearance of deceivers, scammers who, for the sake of profit, are ready to give off one pet for another, cheat a high cost simply for nothing, spin any myths and legends just for the sake of attracting attention and demand.

Ashera is one of the most striking examples.


Usher cat: true or blatant lie?

The world first learned about Usher's cat in 2007. It was then that Lifestyle Pets announced its readiness to sell the Usher cat. It was introduced as a rare, exclusive purr that would showcase its owner's status. The only but - simply incredibly high price. The initial cost is from 22 thousand dollars. Sometimes, it reached the sum of more than one hundred thousand.

A very mythical image was created around the Asher breed, which only stimulated people to want such a purr. The cat was named after the goddess Ashera, the foremother of all the Gods in West Semitic mythology.

The appearance of the breed was similar to that of a leopard, but it was distinguished by a soft, docile nature, which made it possible to safely and comfortably keep the pet in the house.

Admittedly, many people wanted to buy a cat of the Asher breed. People believed in a beautiful story about a mysterious, rare, almost divine cat. Everyone wanted to get one. The interest was also fueled by the restriction on the sale of pets to hundreds per year. In addition to the baby, the company provided a full package of documents, high-quality, expensive carrier, food, as well as service from a professional veterinarian. Not a bad bonus, isn't it?


Usher cat: how was the deception revealed?

The sales were great. But! Only for the time being. Once a breeder from the USA, Pennsylvania, saw a photo of cats of the supposedly new breed of Asher and recognized them as graduates of his cattery. He was engaged in breeding completely new lines of Savannah (obtained by crossing Serval and Bengal).

An incredible scandal broke out! Chris Shirk unleashed a series of lawsuits and proceedings, accusing Simon Brody of buying Savannah kittens at a lower price and reselling them at exorbitant prices, passing them off as Ashera.

The final line under this case was a genetic examination, which showed that Ashera was a false breed. In fact, this is the already familiar Savannah.

Of course, people were upset that their pet now seemed not so exclusive, but in fact, Savannah is also an insanely rare and valuable cat. People just wanted to believe in some kind of mythicality and mystery of Ashera.

By the way, here you can read a lot of interesting things about Savannah.

A cat is primarily a member of your family, friend, companion. She must be chosen not only because of some beautiful legend, but also because of her heart and soul. Let's not treat pets like decorations!

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