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Ahead of summer. It’s a great time to pack your suitcase and travel to explore new countries, cultures, traditions, gastronomy. Very often, people leave their four-legged friends at home, afraid to take them with them or not knowing how to make such an event convenient for others. This is what will be discussed below.

dog Dog in the car: rules of carriage


Any responsible owner, going on a trip with a dog, begins to ask the following questions: “Where will she sit?”, “What means of protection should she buy?”, “How to carry out food, a toilet?”.

You need to get used to transport as early as possible. Of course, the dogs in the car love to spend time traveling in the legs, on the owner’s lap. It’s good if it’s a passenger seat, and you can often see pussies in the literal sense of “at the helm”. This is not only dangerous for transporting the dog, but also for the driver and other participants in the movement.

The ideal option is the back row.

In the event of an accident when traveling with a dog, our smaller brothers most often just fly out the window. To reduce their injury risk, deaths created special car seats, belts. They should be selected depending on the dimensions of the body.

Make it a rule to transport your dog in a car equipped with some necessary goods: a food bowl, canned food, water, sanitary napkins, wet, dry wipes, bags, a couple of toys for entertainment.

breed Dog safety in the car


Carrying dogs in a car is not an easy task. To increase the level of its reliability, as mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to buy restraints. At the pet market, they are still outlandish, consumers perceive with hostility. The only rationale is "this is the machinations of marketers."

In fact, in America, for example, such devices are common practice. During their production (at the development stage), full-fledged simulation of accidents - crash tests.

The main thing in choosing is the quality of materials. Give preference to a chair made of natural rather than synthetic fabrics, with high sides, a strong fixing system. Accustoming to it should be consistent after the pet gets used to the machine itself. Before riding with a dog, let her get comfortable, sniff everything, put goodies, some balls to provide an atmosphere close to home.

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