7 major mistakes in caring for a dog

It’s not enough to feed and walk the dog. Care for the dog should be thorough, but at the same time it is important not to overdo it and not to “humanize” this full-fledged member of the family. Inexperienced owners often encounter the same problems in keeping the dog and make typical mistakes. Let's figure out what should not be done so as not to harm the pet.

1. Incorrectly selected ammunition for a dog


Use a collar (collar) or walking harness (harness) - you choose, but in any case, the ammunition dog should be comfortable. So, between the neck of the animal and the collar two fingers should fit freely. But at the same time, ammunition should not fly off.

Some owners use a collar with external spikes and voluminous metal rivets and thus want to protect their pet from biting in the neck. In fact, such a collar does not protect against anything, and sometimes even injures the dog itself. Refuse such an accessory.

This also applies to the roulette leash. Roulette can hit a pet hard if you suddenly lose it at the moment when the cable is pulled. Yes, and a person risks getting hurt.

2. Walking without an addressee


In social networks, groups of lost and found animals are full of ads. Pets are lost regularly, so you should not go outside without a token attached to the ammunition with the owner's phone number.

Even if your dog is perfect in obedience, you cannot be 100% sure that no situation will provoke him to escape. Many run away from fear (for example, during the explosion of firecrackers and fireworks), and temperamental males - behind the flowing female. In case of loss of a pet, it is much easier to find him thanks to the addressee.

3. Daily brushing - a procedure for people


Caries and tartar are not only in people. Therefore, brushing your teeth (link to brushing your teeth) is a mandatory hygienic procedure for pets. Teeth deteriorate faster in small decorative doggies, therefore, the health of their oral cavity should be treated with all responsibility.

Pet shops and pet stores sell special brushes and pastes or gels for cleaning teeth of animals. Such remedies are safe for their health. If you notice that your pet has a tooth inflamed or swollen gum, visit your veterinarian immediately.

In addition, do not let bite sticks and wear stones in the mouth. Play only with special items that do not injure your teeth.

4. Prohibition of contact with relatives

Communication of dogs

Dogs are social creatures. In nature, they live in an article. Therefore, it is erroneous to believe that the dog has enough communication with the owner. This will not replace contact with relatives.

However, you can not go too far. For your pet, a walk should not turn into a solid dog “party”. The dog should walk primarily with the owner, so no one canceled the development and repetition of teams, playing with a ball and frisbee with your participation.

5. Rare bathing of a dog

dogs in bath

Some owners mistakenly believe that animals should not be washed with shampoo more often 2-3 times a year. Allegedly, this procedure is harmful to coat and skin. But in reality, bathing a dog (a link to an article how often to bathe a dog) can be arranged more often - depending on the conditions of detention:

A pet that lives in the apartment can be bathed every 2-4 weeks, if necessary. But you need to use only special shampoo. Well, the paws are washed after each walk;

if a four-legged friend lives in an aviary, they bathe him less often (only as they get dirty), especially in the cold season.

6. Short haircut for the summer


With the onset of warmth, long-haired pets should not be rid of a warm "coat". After all, a thick coat protects delicate skin from overheating. To help the animal survive the heat, it is enough to comb the hair regularly. This will help to remove the warm undercoat, which is necessary only in winter.

7. Anything fed


Raw smoked sausage, sweets, chocolate, cakes and pastries, spicy and spicy dishes should not be present in the diet. If you do not care about your health, then at least regret the dog. Feed it only wholesome, natural food or special premium food.

Do not make these mistakes, take care of the four-legged friend correctly - and he will live near you happily ever after.

Роман М.    15 October 2019 - 09:46

Было полезно! Не знал, что часто купать пса нормально.

Мани Китен 7670    7 July 2021 - 15:14

Блин...даже не знала, что нужно чистить им зубки ежедневно. Сегодня же немедленно возьмусь за исправление этой ошибки!!! Кстати говоря, молодцы, что написали про то, что нельзя совершать стрижку шерсти, неопытные собачники этого не знают, в принципе как и я, когда только купила в дом пёсика.

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