Which cat to choose for a child: 5 best breeds

Children often ask parents to have a pet. If you decide to opt for a mustachioed companion, then the first thing to do is to study the best breed of cats for children. After all, the future pet must meet certain requirements so that the small owner can cope with it.

What are the criteria for choosing a cat for a child?

First of all, pay attention to the temperament of the animal. A cat for a child should be calm, kind, patient, affectionate, not too active, but playful enough.

It is better to abandon the breed, whose representatives are often shy. Children are often noisy, and this will be unnerving for a fearful pet. Therefore, it is important to choose a whiskered animal with a stable psyche, without phobias (fears). Many cat breeds meet these criteria, but we will talk about the most suitable ones.

Maine Coon

If you have a fairly spacious apartment, then this big man will fit perfectly into the family with a child. Maine Coons do not show aggression to either humans or animals. Their body weight can reach 17 kg, so young children are unlikely to be able to carry them in their arms, but for a teenager this furry beast with a peace-loving character will be an excellent companion in games.

Maine Coon

British Shorthair

The British are flexible, patient, kind and obedient. They do not impose their society, but are not averse to playing. The British Shorthair cat is easy to care for, so it is ideal for beginners.

British Shorthair

Sacred (sacred) Burma, or Burmese cat

The blue-eyed sacred burma is distinguished by a meek and faithful character. She does not take offense at children, even when she is bored with their obsessive stroking, and does not use her claws. The Burmese cat does not skoda and does not vote for no reason, therefore, does not cause inconvenience when kept in the apartment. He will play with pleasure with a child, but he himself will not insistently demand to entertain him.


Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair cat is an excellent companion for children, as even in adulthood remains playful. She does not like loneliness, loves to follow her little master on the heels and is friendly even to strangers. So the baby can easily introduce peers to this beautiful four-legged friend.

Oriental Shorthair

Devon rex

Unusual appearance (in particular, short wavy hair and curled vibrissa) makes this breed more and more popular. Devon Rex is very attached to people and loves to play. The child will even be able to teach him tricks, especially if for each executed command the animal will receive a tidbit. Best of all, an active beast succeeds in high jumps or through obstacles. Care for short Devon Rex hair is minimal, but keep in mind that this pet is prone to skin diseases.

Devon rex

Neva Masquerade, Ragdoll, Chartreuse, Turkish Angora, Sphinxes, Scottish Fold, Abyssinian, Russian Blue and others are also suitable for living with children. If you cannot afford to make a purebred four-legged friend, take a closer look at the animal of "noble blood." Experts have proven that caring for any mustachioed pet develops a sense of responsibility in the child, improves the emotional state and strengthens the immune system (reduces the likelihood of allergies).

Заводчик    26 June 2019 - 22:45

Мейн куны действительно очень добрая порода! Они характером схожи с собаками.

Наталья Оргельц    17 July 2019 - 14:23

Сибиряки лучшие!

Larisa    7 October 2019 - 11:08

Мейн - кун очень красивая кошка, правильно что стоит на 1 месте, эта мощная и добрая кошка.

Елена    7 October 2019 - 14:01

Каждый хвалит свою породу. Я не буду это делать. Я скажу о другом. Не всем детям можно покупать котенка. Прежде всего ребенок должен быть со здоровой психикой, правильно воспитанным. Сейчас многие родители оправдывают неадекватное поведение своих детей тем, что у них "гиперактивный ребенок" ( ко мне такие приходили, все мои кошки были в шоке от этих ангелочков, я их родителям сказала, что их дети не готовы). Так вот, таким детям нельзя покупать животных. Родители должны объяснить ребенку, как надо вести себя с маленьким другом, что это не игрушка, а прежде всего друг со своими потребностями, характером и правами. И здесь даже дело не столько в возрасте ребенка, сколько в его воспитании.

Natalya    12 March 2020 - 13:28

ну не весят мейн-куны по 17кг... 

Bastern    2 September 2023 - 11:52

The Bengal is the one of the Best Cat Breed, they are Calm and intelligent, 

Thet are easy to keep and feed,

They turn to understand the situation around them and adapt,

They are easy to train into a show Cat.

I always invite people to visit my cats and get some education about Cats

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