Buyer notes. History 2. Elite dog with ticks and infection!

Hello! My name is Olga, and I am very glad to share my not very pleasant experience in acquiring a puppy from an elite nursery. I emphasize: ELITE!

It all started with the fact that for about 5 years I dreamed of a charming bear - Pomeranian. I don’t know why this breed so hooked me, but I didn’t even consider others. After marriage, my husband and I decided that we wanted to make ourselves a little ball of happiness. They began to learn from acquaintances about their purchases of pets, where they took, how much they cost, whether they were satisfied. As a result, we were advised by a breeder from a neighboring city. It is worth noting that the puppies were not sold cheaply there, and the parents had champion titles. This is what we were led to. We immediately thought that since there are titles, then quality is ensured. How wrong we were ...


After some time, we booked a puppy (girl). We were going to take it ourselves (we are from another city). On a pre-agreed date and time, we arrived and took our baby. They called her Monica (abbreviated as Monya).

At first everything was fine. We could not get enough of our princess, but then the problems began. Yes, and what ...

Our girl had all vaccinations except rabies. She was in quarantine. Then her condition sharply worsens, bad stools, constant vomiting. Monica is completely limp. We were afraid that this is the end ...

Urgently drove her to the vet. It turned out to be an infection ... But that's not all. The doctor also “pleased” us with the fact that the puppy has ear mites. It was then that we understood why she often scratched her ears.


To say that we were in shock is to say nothing. We were terrified. We already loved her very much, we were scared for her health. I had to spend a lot of time, effort, nerves and, of course, money on Monica’s treatment for infection and ticks. Doctors said that in nurseries this is generally a fairly common situation.

By the way! Even the doctors were very confused by the vaccinations given. It seemed to them that the stickers were either re-glued or not at all valid ... I honestly don’t really remember this nuance, but it was still unpleasant.

As a result, I want to note that sometimes, even acquiring an elite breed puppy in a fairly well-known nursery, you run the risk of stumbling into such problems!

Мани Китен 7670    7 July 2021 - 15:09

Ольга, как я вас понимаю! Сама случайно взяла котёнка всего в болезнях и кучей инфекций..А как мне расписывали его родословную, заслуги на выставках у родителей. В общем, отдала бешеные деньги сама не понимаю за что. Ситуация давнешняя, котёнка вылечили, всё хорошо :)

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