Pomeranian spitz

The perfect pet that will please you, cute, cheerful and playful, it is easy to converge with pets. Pomeranian splendidly feels great in the apartment, does not require unnecessary trouble.

  • Origin Germany, Taille 15-25 cm., Weight 1-4 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


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Name of the breed: Pomeranian spitz

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: Yes

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Famous Pomeranian Spitz

1. In Chekhov's story “The Lady with the Dog”, they walk a spitz dog.
2. This cute little dog can be seen in the movie “Superman Returns” and in a dozen others.Pomeranian Spitz
3. Many Hollywood stars - Stolone, Mickey Rourke, Nicole Richie - are the loving owners of these fluffy clumps.
4. Spitz white color hero of the cartoon "The Mystery of Pets

story A little about the origin of the Pomeranian Spitz

You can start with the fact that the Spitz was previously called not Pomeranian, and Tsverg - spitz or just dwarf, as the smallest type of Spitz.

The historical region of Germany - Pomerania, gave the name to the now existing Pomeranian Spitz. From there they got to England, where breeders began to work on breeding a dwarf breed with insanely beautiful, thick hair and an improved appearance.

The insane beauty of English and American Spitz has become the benchmark for many breeders who are working on creating a similar appearance.

Description  Description, standard

Charming cheerful little ball, so they say to always smiling dog. The head is like a round ball with ears, with a small spout, black as a button, eyes.

The coat is thick and very fluffy, especially the tail and chest are especially thick.

There are different names for Spitz:

  • Pomeranian
  • small
  • Deutsch
  • Japanese
  • norbotten
  • Florentine

Breed standard:

  1. Growth: no more than 22 centimeters, and not less than 18 cm at the withers
  2. Weight: proportional to height.
  3. Teeth: - 42 teeth, scissor bite 6 to 6.
  4. Proportion: 1 to 1.
  5. Color: black, black and tan, chocolate, red with black (sable), orange, cream, blue, blue and tan, white and two-tone.

Characteristics of the Pomeranian Spitz

The character of the dog is very active, friendly, energetic. They like to bark a lot, those who are going to to take a Pomeranian spitz-dog should take this into account. They love to walk in the company of other animals, but also alone will find something to entertain themselves. Therefore, quietly stay at home alone, as long as there are toys.

Much in the character of the pet depends on education, in particular socialization. They love their owners, but can change them quite painlessly. Easily rebuilt to your rhythm and lifestyle.

It is not recommended to leave the spitz with young children unattended. The first step is to teach children how to handle animals. Excessive annoyance is contraindicated, as is excessive stress.

maintenance How to choose, care and breed Pomeranian Spitz

If you keep the dog is quite simple, you just need to follow the tips on care, then breed a Pomeranian troublesome and costly. Puppies are expensive, and experienced and reputable breeders will tell you how to choose the Pomeranian Spitz. Puppies should be vaccinated with a pedigree.

As a rule, 2, sometimes 3 puppies are born. Childbirth is not always easy, veterinary service is needed here, with a call to a veterinarian at home. In the first months of life, puppies are very vulnerable, need attention and care, contacts are minimal, especially before vaccinations.

Care of the spitz is simple, it is important to choose the correct feeding for the dog with a special food or to prepare food on your own. These lumps of wool are omnivorous enough, so make sure that your children or your friends do not feed them chocolate or other adverse products. If you choose natural feeding, take care of a wide, balanced diet: fruits, vegetables, meat, kefir, cottage cheese.

Spitz is washed no more than once a month. As they wash their paws, after a walk on a rainy day. Claws trimmed as needed. Proper care of the hair of the Pomeranian Spitz is the key to the beauty of your dog.
Teaching teams occurs in the game. It is necessary to train constantly, but not overloading, it is better daily, but on slightly. It is also necessary to teach hygiene.
Choosing a puppy, familiarize yourself with its parents, pay attention to the conditions in which they are kept by the breeder, to feed. Everything must be clean, tidy, enough space, food of excellent quality.

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