Childbirth in dogs: how they pass and what help to provide to the animal

In order for healthy and cute puppies to be born, you need to prepare in advance for the birth of the dog, correctly accept them and ensure that the mother and offspring receive proper care after this difficult, but such an important process. This is what you should pay close attention to.

breed Preparing for the birth of puppies


Puppies are usually born 55-65 days after mating. Keep this in mind and prepare in advance for a future mother and her children a warm and comfortable place.

To do this, you will need:

disposable absorbent diapers;

soft, fairly warm and clean natural fabric;

materials for the construction of the pen (for large breeds);

cage or house (for small breeds).

Also prepare cord cutting scissors, silk threads and cotton rags to wipe babies.

Keep your female’s stomach and genitals clean. For long haired pets, you can cut the hair around the loop. And wait for the first harbingers.

list Signs of childbirth in a dog

The dog before childbirth most often changes in behavior. She is worried, looking for a secluded place, clinging to the owner’s feet and as if asking for help. Also physiological signs of childbirth are observed, such as:

a decrease in body temperature to 35-37 ° C (often it decreases a day before birth);

relaxation of the abdominal and pelvic muscles, it seems that the peritoneum is sagging;

lack of appetite, sometimes nausea may occur;

shortness of breath and rapid pulse;

discharge from the genitals;

the formation of milk (this symptom does not occur in all, in some females, lactation occurs after the birth of babies).

If contractions do not start a day after the appearance of prenatal signs, immediately take the pet to the veterinary clinic. You may need to urgently have a caesarean section (caesarean).

dog Stages of the appearance of puppies

In the process of dog birth, there are 3 stages:

Contractions. This stage lasts from several to 10 hours. The muscles of the vagina relax, the uterus contracts, its neck opens. The female is breathing heavily, worried, and often whimpers. Contractions gradually become more frequent and intense.

Departure of waters and the birth of puppies. After the amniotic fluid is released, the contractions intensify even more, contractions of the abdominal muscles are noticeable, thanks to which the babies advance along the birth canal. As a rule, they are born with an interval of 15 minutes to 3 hours, but there are exceptions. However, if you feel when feeling that the puppy is in the abdomen, but does not come out within 4 hours, then seek the help of a veterinarian.

The exit of the placenta. After each fruit, the so-called afterbirth should leave (usually it is greenish-gray). The bag often eats up the placenta, this is normal, because the latter promotes the production of hormones that stimulate lactation. However, it is better not to allow more than 2-3 pieces to be eaten, as an upset gastrointestinal tract may develop. Discard the rest of the afterbirth.

Attention! The number of tracks should equal the number of puppies born. If the placenta remains inside the female, there is a risk of developing an inflammatory process. In such a situation, visit the veterinary clinic.

help Help the dog in childbirth


The most important thing is to surround your four-legged friend with affection and care. Stay close, stroke the stomach and back of the animal. However, in no case do not seek to accelerate the process of procreation.

Before assisting the dog during childbirth, trim your nails, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, put on disposable gloves and disinfect them with chlorhexidine (Chlorhexidini bigluconas) or any other antiseptic. After the puppy is born, the female bites the amniotic bag (amnion) and actively licks the baby. This prompts him to take his first independent breath.

If puppies are born one after another, the bitch may not have time to pay attention to everyone. In this case, gently break the amniotic fluid, actively rub the puppy with a clean cloth slightly moistened in warm water.

Then wipe it dry and remove mucus from the mouth, nasal cavity and eye area. After he breathes, massage his peritoneum, cut the umbilical cord with scissors (but not close to the navel), bandage it with silk thread and move the cub to the mother's nipple.

The dog usually feels tired after giving birth, so keep it calm. Let her feed the babies for a while, then transfer them to a warm box covered with a cloth and take the newly made mother for a short walk so that she goes to the toilet. At this time, ask the assistant to change the litter to a clean one. Upon return, again invite the bitch to this place and put the children to her. Now she herself will be able to take care of them.

Pay close attention to animals that give birth for the first time, and for representatives of all small breeds. The fact is that small dogs often have large fruits relative to their birth canal. Therefore, females of Chihuahuas, toy terriers and other decorative breeds often require skilled help. In case of any complications, immediately take the pet to the vet clinic.

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