Cat or cat - who to choose?

All the little kittens are very cute and cute. At this age, gender does not yet matter. But when the kids grow up, everyone shows their individual character. Habits are also different. And a considerable role in this is played by the sex of the animal. Let's figure out who is better to get - a cat or a cat.

list The pros and cons of cats and cats

Usually, experts note that females:

more affectionate, affable, obedient and inclined to compromise;

tidier, so even their long hair rarely rolls into tangles;

more attached to the home and the owner;

in spring do not leave marks with a pungent odor in the house.

These indisputable advantages of cats encourage many people to have girls, not boys. However, a female individual is able to bring offspring, so this important fact must be taken into account.


Pet choice depending on the place of residence

If you are considering who is better to take for living in an apartment - a cat or a cat, then in this case you can consider both options. But for keeping in a private house, where you let your pet walk on the street yourself, the male is more suitable. After all, then you will not need to worry about the possible replenishment of the cat family.

Of course, now this issue can be solved by sterilization, but this is still an operation. And any manipulations on the body of a living creature (and even anesthesia itself) are harmful to health, so you should think carefully and weigh the pros and cons before putting your pet on the veterinary surgical table.

Since almost all males living in the apartment inevitably leave odor marks, they are usually neutered. Therefore, when choosing a boy, do not forget to include the price of the operation in the expense item.

So, it would seem that a cat (even unsterilized) is ideal for living in an apartment, but do not rush to draw such a conclusion. Experienced owners claim that everything is not so simple.

cats Cat or cat of choice for breeding, or for castration (sterilization)

Cat females also have periods when they want to go to the opposite sex. Hormones “play” with them, and this is expressed not only in unsteady behavior, but also in loud meowing, which often interfere with sleep. To calm the pet, you will have to give him special hormonal drugs or nevertheless do castration / sterilization.

In addition, girls are trickier than boys. And the representatives of the cat’s world are even capable of manipulating people and making them “attendants”.

But if you plan not only to take a friend, but also to breed a specific breed, then it is certainly better to take a girl. In this case, the issue of sterilization also disappears.

cat Who is better at catching mice?

cat with a mouse

If you want to have a mustachioed pet in the country or in the village for a very specific job, then you probably wondered: who is better at catching mice - cats or cats? Owners are usually inclined to believe that females in hunting succeed to a greater extent, because they instill the instinct of preservation of offspring. In order for the kittens to survive, they need to be fed something. And cats are supposedly lazy and have little interest in this activity.

However, this statement is controversial and has no evidence that gender affects hunting ability. Behavioral experts advise paying attention not to sex, but to the temperament and genes of a particular individual. If her parents were excellent hunters, then it is likely that the tendency to catch mice well will be inherited.

As you can see, it is often difficult to unequivocally answer the question: who is better to take - a cat or a cat? In order not to miscalculate, first of all ask your heart. After all, if any particular kitten has sunk into your soul, then it does not matter what gender it is. The main thing is that darling!

Елена    11 October 2019 - 14:12

Не согласна с автором. И кота и кошку, если они не представляют племенной ценности, надо кастрировать. И не надо бояться операции. Здоровые животные ее легко переносят. Зато не будет выброшенных ненужных котят. И не надо вязать кошечку "для здоровья". Еще никому роды здоровья не добавили. 

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