Why do dogs eat grass?

Very often, dog owners note quite strange taste preferences in their four-legged friends. The most common of these are excrement and grass. We’ll try to talk about the latter today.

Here we explain why the dog eats excrement.

dogs eat grass

Why do dogs eat grass?

To answer this question clearly is not possible. There can be many reasons: both completely innocent and signaling your pet's health problems.

The main thing: pay attention to the signals that the dog sends you with its change in behavior, mood, and taste preferences. Very often we can neglect this, and the price will be too high.

Among the possible causes of the dog eating grass, we identified the following:

Hunger. Yes, yes, maybe your dog is simply not eating up. In this case, it will be enough for you to review her daily diet, change its components, grammar, to correct the situation.

A game. Very often dogs, especially young ones, during the game can bite the grass, tear out some scrap. This is normal.

Just like. It may be that the tailed man likes the taste of grass.

The need to empty the stomach. You can often hear that the dog is “brushing” by eating grass, that he knows what to eat. In fact, animals really, feeling discomfort in their stomach, intestines, can eat grass specifically for the purpose of purification. The grass binds feces and facilitates their passage through the digestive tract.

Vomiting Often a dog eats grass long, hard. It, getting into the stomach, irritates its mucous membrane, provoking vomiting. Thus, the dog again gets rid of what is in its way in the stomach.

Disease. You should consult a veterinarian if, against the background of constant use of grass, you notice a change in the well-being of the pet:

dogs eat grass

Severe vomiting


Refusal of food and drink;

Temperature increase;


In this case, this can be a signal of the development of a much more serious disease and requires the help of a specialist.

PetGlobal asks you to be sensitive and attentive to pets. Perhaps their behavior they ask you to pay attention to them and help. Be healthy!

Дарья Ломова    22 June 2020 - 15:22

Моя собака по весне постоянно начинает есть траву...я так и думала, что для очистки) Спасибо за статью!

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