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To successfully control the behavior of a pet, teach it to take a certain position. It is not difficult to develop these skills, but in the process of training inexperienced owners often encounter certain difficulties that inhibit the formation of a conditioned reflex.

list How to teach a dog the sit command

The easiest and most effective way is to apply a taste-encouraging method, that is, using food to induce the animal to take a certain pose.

Stand or squat in front of the pet so that it looks at you. Take a small piece of food attractive to him, bring it to the nose of the animal and do not give it away. At this stage, it is important to simply attract attention and induce you to earn the desired tidbit.

When the pet shows interest, clearly and clearly say the “Sit” command and make a smooth up and forward movement with your hand with food. She should be above the head of the pet. The dog will try to reach for the treat, it will be physiologically easier for him to do this while sitting, so he will quickly take the desired position. As soon as he sits down, treat, praise in a gentle voice and stroke.

Do the same 3-5 repetitions and the next day, consolidate the developed skill. At the initial stage, during the praise, you can repeat the command again (your incentive speech will look something like this: "Good! Sit. Well done. Good girl."). So your pet will quickly learn what word to respond to by adopting a sitting posture.

In the same way, you can encourage the dog to sit when it is not opposite you, but is standing sideways to you. At the same time, the head should look in the direction where the attractive food is. From this position, in the same way, bring the treat to the face, say “Sit” and lead up and a little to the left. When performing the desired action, give the treat and say: "Good girl, well done."

But the first option is more convenient, since most four-legged friends of any age, when in contact with them, prefer to see the person’s face, because by facial expressions it is easier to “read” what they want from them.

If your dog can’t figure out that sitting is easier to reach for food, gently push the croup. When it starts to sit down, treat with delicacies.

But keep in mind: if you help to sit down, the dog does not immediately understand what exactly he was praised for. Therefore, it will take more time to practice the skill.

sit down

команда лежать  How to teach a dog to lie down

Put the dog in front of you, bring a piece of food to his face, then confidently say "Lie down" and at this time lower your hand down and slightly towards you. To make it easier to get a muzzle to a treat, the animal should stretch its forepaws and lie down. When the pet takes the right pose, give a treat and praise.

If the dog, as if glued, continues to be in a seated position, independently stretch its front paws forward and / or slightly apply pressure to the withers. You can also lightly pull down on the collar. If the food is not at all interesting, try using your favorite toy instead. Show the dog that he will receive his ball only when he fulfills your request.

команда сидеть How to teach a dog to stand

This skill is best taught after both the previous ones have been well mastered. The fact is that working out a standing position is usually given to pets more difficult, and it is more convenient to learn this skill from a sitting or lying pose.

Plant a tailed friend near your left foot, praise but don’t give food. Clearly and confidently say “Stand” and gently tilt your hand with a tidbit so that your muzzle reaches for the goodies.

It is much easier to get food in a standing position: when the head is moved forward, the back of the body rises. As soon as the dog gets up, give a tidbit and react vigorously with the words "Good", "Well done." If he does not take the desired position, with his free hand, lift it under the groin.

The “Stand” command can also be learned from a lying pose. The only difference is that here you should lead your hand with food up and a little forward.

The sit-down-stand complex is used in all obedience tests and many canine sports. Therefore, pay close attention to it. Do not be lazy to train a dog, because joint exercises establish contact between the owner and his four-legged friend.

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