10 biggest dogs in the world

The weight of these animals can reach 90 kg, and if such a dog puts his paws on the shoulders of a person, then he will certainly be much higher than him. It is noteworthy that almost all of these "giants" are good-natured and friendly. And only because of their size they look awesome. So, here is a list of the largest dog breeds.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

A mastiff from Tibet is not only the largest dog, but also the most expensive. The average weight of the pet is from 60 to 80 kg. And then if it’s good to follow its physical form and not to feed! The height at the withers is up to 77 cm. The dog looks menacing and perfectly fulfills a protective function, but by its nature it is very calm, non-aggressive and very person-oriented.

Tibetan Mastiff

2. Neapolitan Mastiff, or Napinoleto Mastino

This relative of the previous "giant" can grow up to 75 cm and weigh 50-70 kg. Mastino napoletano - also a great watchman. Most representatives are non-aggressive, but do not forget that their ancestors were fighting dogs.

Neapolitan Mastiff

3. Brazilian mastiff, or fila brasileiro

It is easy to guess that the breed was bred in Brazil. Fila Brazilian is good-natured and faithful to his family members, and they are distrustful of outsiders, therefore they are excellent guards. They also weigh an average of 50 to 70 kg.

fila brasileiro

4. French mastiff, or Great Dane

This large dog with short red hair was bred in France. His body weight is between 50 kg and height is 58-70 cm. In urban conditions it is difficult to keep such a pet, so Bordeaux dogs are not very popular. However, you could see this dog with charming folds on its face in the famous comedy Turner & Hooch.

French mastiff

There are also English, Spanish, Japanese (Tosa Inu), Italian (Cane Corso), Iberian, Argentinean mastiffs. Their parameters are almost the same, but these animals are less popular.

5. Newfoundland

This furry swimming enthusiast is black, brown and gray. Today, representatives of this breed are most often used as lifeguards on the water. Their weight varies from 55 to 75 kg, and their height can reach 72 cm.

5. Newfoundland

Landseer has the same parameters. This is the same Newfoundland only in black and white.

6. Saint Bernard (Chien du Saint-Bernard)

You are probably familiar with these big guys thanks to the popular film “Beethoven”. Since the 16th century, St. Bernards have been used to save people under rubble and snow avalanches. Despite the impressive growth (60-70 cm) and body weight (70-80 kg), they are very friendly, obedient and loyal. They love to play with children and perfectly protect the house from strangers.

Saint Bernard

7. Leonberger

Leonberger is a relative of St. Bernard, Newfoundland and the Great Pyrenees. He also has a good-natured disposition, great for families with children, although he weighs about 70 kg and grows to 70-80 cm.


8. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest dogs in the world. Male growth reaches 85 cm. The dog has an elegant physique; therefore, it weighs less than previous large pets - only 50-55 kg. Today, the wolfhound is used as a hunting dog and takes part in lure coursing - running for a mechanical hare.

Irish Wolfhound

9. Great Dane (Deutsche Dogge)

This handsome handsome man was bred in Germany. Dogs are at least 80 cm tall and weigh an average of 50 to 90 kg. The famous dog Zeus even outgrew the standard parameters and thanks to this he got into the Guinness Book of World Records. Its height at the withers is 112 cm. German Great Dane are used as companions and watchmen.

Great Dane

10. Moscow Watchdog

St. Bernard, the Caucasian Shepherd and the Russian pinto hound took part in the creation of this breed. Dogs can grow up to 78 cm tall and weigh more than 60 kg. Moscow Watchdog is an excellent security guard, however, it needs extensive space. Therefore, it is more suitable for keeping in a private house with a fenced area.

Moscow Watchdog

Of course, this is not a closed list of large dogs. Kuvas, Alabai, Caucasian Shepherd, Boerboel, Dirhound, Russian Canine Greyhound and others can also boast high growth and considerable weight. What giant dogs do you know?

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Как классно, что на вашем сайт такое разнообразие...! Помню, как мой дедушка держал у себя на даче немецкого дога, весил аж 74 килограмма. Всегда его в детстве боялась, а сейчас так грустно, что его уже нет :(

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