Ocicat is often referred to as a "ocelot cat." Want to know why? Then you urgently need to read our article, in which you will find everything about the history of the breed and its content!

  • Origin of USA, Growth 20 - 40 cm., Weight 3 - 6 kg.
  • Lifespan 15-20 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 270 $



Voted: 8


Name of the breed: Ocicat

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. Ocicat is an extremely rare breed. Today, it will not be the easiest task to acquire such a kitten, since breeders from the USA and a couple of nurseries in France are mainly engaged in breeding them.
  2. This cat has a variety of "dog" habits. Because of this fact, many people call it “cat-dog”. For example, she would not mind returning and come, if her name is called, happy to bring various items, very loyal and always waiting for her owner.


  3. In addition to the “dog-like” habits of the Ocicat cat, described above, they are also big fans to take a walk on the street. They do not even bother leash!
  4. The first representative of the Ocicat breed was not appreciated by the breeder (by his appearance) and sold it to a young student for only $ 10. While now purchase such purrs will cost several thousand dollars.
  5. From Siam, his ancestor, Ocicatus adopted a special manner of “talking”, according to which one can learn to understand what he wants at the moment and what mood he is in.

Breed history Breed history

Ocicat takes its origin in the USA, where professional felinologist Virginia Dale received a kitten with an incredibly beautiful honey fur coat in a golden spot as a result of mating siam and metis abyssinka with siam.

In order to get a stable breed, Virginia has developed a full-fledged action plan for breeding the Ocicat breed. To do this, she was engaged in the crossing of cats such as the American Shorthair, Siamese and of course the Abyssinian.

The result was not long in coming. Since 1987, Ocicat is an officially recognized and registered breed of cats.

Description of a cat of breed Ocicat Description of a cat of breed Ocicat

This cat has quite large parameters. As a rule, males are slightly larger than females. Their bodies are very muscular and strong, their limbs are long and strong.

The head is close to the wedge-shaped, but the square muzzle is absolutely not narrowed to the tip of the nose. The eyes are almond-shaped. Their preferred colors are green, nutty, golden. The ears are quite high and wide on the head. Sometimes they can meet characteristic lynx tassels.

It is impossible to complete the description of a cat of the breed Ocicat without mentioning its coat. It is very sleek and shiny. Color - tabby. Fingers on wool are located all over the body. Inside they are lighter and darker closer to the edges. On the paws and around the neck - a kind of rings.

Character of Ocicat Character of Ocicat

In the family, this cat feels great. She is very affectionate, flexible, gentle. Not averse to getting involved not only to all family members, but also to guests. Her friendliness and charm quickly spread to everyone around.

With people and other animals, she is not averse to playing. This is perhaps her favorite hobby.

In addition to playfulness, among the positive qualities of the character of Ocicat is the intelligence and ingenuity, thanks to which the cat always listens to its owner and does what it is asked to do.

Nutrition Nutrition

In order to make the correct diet of this cat, you need to consult with your breeder or with a veterinarian. He will tell you what is best for your pet, taking into account its physiological features.

Anyway, all existing types of feeding are suitable for feeding Ocicat:

Natural food



Regardless of which option you choose, it should be a high-quality and balanced diet. That he is the key to the health and happiness of your pet.

Natural food may consist of meat (chicken, beef), sea fish (at least 1 time per week), vegetables and dairy products. The main thing is that all the food offered to the animal should be cooked.

Choose dry food only from proven manufacturers of premium and higher grades.

Pet Care Pet Care

In order for all the pedigree data of the pet and its beauty to always be in a tidy state, the cat must be properly looked after. Experts note that taking care of Ocicat is not difficult at all.

His wool is often not necessary to bathe, as well as combing.

Ears should be regularly cleaned from the outside with a cotton pad with a special solution from a veterinary pharmacy. The same goes for the eyes.

The only nuance of the care of Ocicat is his teeth. They have a tendency to various kinds of lesions, because of which they should be treated with special attention.

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