American Bulldog

Read on to learn more about the American Bulldog breed. This is a very strong, powerful dog that will never be left without attention.

  • Origin of USA, Growth 30 - 60 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

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Name of the breed: American Bulldog

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: Yes

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts

  1. An interesting fact is that the American Bulldog had several names. This is an old country bulldog, Old English white.
  2. In total, 4 subspecies of this pet are distinguished today: classic, such as Scott, Williamson, Painter.

    American bulldog

  3. The ideal age for a baby to move to a new home and his successful socialization is 1.5-3 months.
  4. In the American standard, there is a clause according to which the temper of a four-footed person is inherent in protecting the owner even through his own life.

History of the American Bulldog breed

One of the names of the four-legged was the Old English Bulldog. Many breeders believe that it was from him that the history of the American Bulldog originated. It is known that he came to the lands of America together with immigrants, from where he began to be divided into several branches of his appearance due to the fact that it was impossible to track his pure development. He was a kind of "workhorse" for the development of new territories.

Description of the American Bulldog

Just looking at the dog, you realize that jokes with it are bad. With all her appearance, she personifies power, strength, courage. Males differ from bitches in a larger, coarser physique. The latter, by the way, are very sophisticated.

Description of the American Bulldog is impossible without mentioning the head. It is strong, large and square in shape. There are rose ears on it. The nose is large, wide, with large nostrils. The overhanging folds of the skin in the cheeks are a striking feature. The lips are usually either completely black or with pink spots.

Legs, front and back, muscular and long. The body is athletic, the back is very massive, and the chest is not too wide. The tail is long. It tapers closer to its tip.

American Bulldog colors

The coat of this dog is very unpretentious in everyday life. It is short and close to the body. The American Bulldog's colors are not very diverse. As a rule, it is a white substrate with spots of black, reddish colors. However, it is desirable that all the same white predominates (at least 50% of the body).

American Bulldog personality

You should get such a pet with a clear understanding of its features. So, despite the fact that outwardly he seems very evil, inside he is a loving, faithful favorite. He loves his master, listens, is ready to selflessly defend him, the whole family, home. But strangers can be treated with a certain degree of caution. You need to be careful to avoid aggression towards outsiders. He treats children calmly, treats other animals with dominance and superiority. The character of the American Bulldog is generally benevolent.

American Bulldog maintenance

A four-legged can live equally comfortably in a large, private house and in an apartment. If the latter option is relevant to you, pay due attention to quality walks. It should not be just a gathering at home or one circle around it, but a full-fledged workout, rich and varied.

Wool is easy to care for. Wash it no more than once a month, but comb it out several times a week. Don't forget to brush your teeth, ears, rinse your eyes, and trim your nails.

What to feed the American Bulldog with?

Feed your American Bulldog in moderation, do not overfeed. Forget about giving him anything from your table, sweet, smoked, etc. These are all prohibited foods. Give preference to premium or super premium dry food, as well as natural food that suits him. It can include cereals without spices, lean meat, vegetables, and sour milk.

American Bulldog Training

When buying an ambulance, it is important to evaluate whether you can educate him correctly. The dog is large, and therefore, without education, it can cause trouble. To avoid this, start socializing at a very early age. Immediately bring the puppy to people, introduce it to other animals. This will reduce the risk of developing aggressive behavior.

It will be very important to teach him to walk correctly, namely to walk next to you, but not in front, dragging you wherever he pleases. If you allow this, you will constantly run after him, because it is not easy to keep a strong dog.

And most importantly, be firm. Do not allow any indulgences in the process of training the American Bulldog, no matter how cute your pet looks at you. Once you give slack, you will have to retrain, or put up with the tailed beasts' misdeeds.

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