Snoop-pedant - that's who the Bloodhound is. Balance, accuracy and perfect sense of smell made him an ideal search engine. Find out the most interesting things about the Bloodhound dog in our article.

  • Origin Belgium, Growth 60 - 80 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 8-12 years


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Name of the breed: Bloodhound

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: Yes

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. The rich and powerful people at all times loved Bloodhouse. For example, it is known that such dogs served at the court of Henry VIII.
  2. Despite the fact that in the old days, the Bloodhound often acted as a guard, today it is rarely used for this purpose. This is easily explained by the rather good-natured nature of the dog, as well as the complete absence of aggression.


  3. The Bloodhound work skills are truly unique. They can spend hours on end, tracking down their target or searching for something. However, after the game, for example, is found, the dog will not kill it, and wait for the owner. These are the good people here!
  4. In addition to hunting, it was quite often possible to see Bloodhound in the process of searching for criminals. The unique sense of smell often served faithfully to the police.
Bloodhound Story
To this day, it was not possible to establish the authentic origin of this breed. It is only known that already in the 13th century, such dogs were among the clergy, who, presumably, and contributed to the breeding of the breed.
The history of Bloodhound is closely connected with high-ranking people of various states. Such high recognition is fairly easy to explain. The Bloodhound dog is a unique search dog that is an indispensable helper in a hunt, capable of long and stubbornly pursuing its goal. As you know, hunting is not cheap. In those days only rich people could afford it.
Description of Bloodhound
These four-legged never go unheeded. And this is not surprising! They have a very bright and extraordinary appearance.
The dog Bloodhound in height reaches ± 68 cm, and the weight varies from 40 to 55 kg.
The body of the dog is located on high and powerful fore and hind limbs. It has a rectangular shape and is distinguished by well-developed musculature. The tail is long.
The head is the main feature of the description of Bloodhound. It is characterized by thick folds of skin hanging down to the bottom. The muzzle and skull part are approximately equal in length and resemble the shape of a brick. It has long hanging ears. The forehead and nose are parallel to each other. The nose is black. Above the eyes are clearly visible large, overhanging eyebrows.
The coat of this animal is very pleasant to the touch. The coat is short. It is tight enough to the body. There are few acceptable colors. As a rule, it is red, as well as black and tan.
Dog content
Due to the fact that the Dog Bloodhound has impressive parameters, it is better to keep it in a country house. It is desirable that the house territory was as much as possible, so that the dog could calmly pour out all his energy on it.
An important part of care for Bloodhound is physical activity. These pets love to walk and run, which is why walks with them should be frequent and intense.
Often it is not necessary to wash the wool at all, do it as it is polluted. But it is better to comb it every day with a special glove. Such a procedure will help remove dead hair and grow a new, healthy coat.
Particular attention should be paid to the ears. They are prone to the development of various kinds of infections, and therefore it is desirable to clean and rinse them as often as possible.
The rest of the care for Bloodhound does not differ from other breeds.
How to feed a pet?
Like any other dog, the Bloodhound needs meat. Meat and meat by-products should be about 2/3 of its diet. Sometimes it can be replaced and fish in order to slightly diversify the diet. The remaining share falls on all sorts of cereals, vegetables, fruits.
Do not forget about dairy products. So, for example, the huge use of kefir will bring huge benefits to the stomach and digestive tract of the dog.
Of course, today there is a huge variety of different feeds on the market, which contain all the necessary food elements. The choice of the type of food is the individual care of the owner. So, it depends on its temporal capabilities, as well as material.
Bloodhouse Training
To raise an animal that, in addition to the function of a pet, has a number of working skills, it is necessary If you overlook such an important aspect as the training of Bloodhound, you risk getting a naughty pet.
Dogs of this breed have a lively mind, but their upbringing is not so smooth. The thing is that they are still stubborn and do not like to do anything by order or coarse compulsion. These dogs know their value, and therefore require themselves and proper treatment. In no case do not shout at them, much less hit. Only a calm and confident tone will become your loyal assistants in this difficult task.

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