If you are looking for a devoted, strong guard, pay attention to Boerboel. However, you will need to seriously train him!

  • Origin - Africa, Growth 60 - 80 сm., Weight 50 - 90 kg.
  • Lifespan 8-12 years


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Name of the breed: Boerboel

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: No

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: Yes

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts

  1. Due to improper upbringing, the dog can become aggressive and uncontrollable. In this regard, the breed is banned in a number of countries.
  2. The dog has the notoriety of an aggressor due to the frequent cases of its attack on people. However, this is all from the inability to handle him.


  3. At its core, this tailed has a very calm, balanced disposition.
  4. In Africa, to this day, you can see such a pet protecting the herds.

South African Boerboel Dog Story

These tailed have a natural origin. Scientists associate it with the ancient Molossian and pickling rocks, which suggests the possibility of a dog leaving the European lands. From there, they were allegedly already brought to South Africa, where they were appreciated by the locals. There the story of the South African Boerboel breed continued. They were widely used to protect settlements, dwellings. They say that they were not even afraid to leave them with small children, saying that this was the best protection for them.

In Africa, dog handlers have been working to improve its source data. They, by the way, were originally excellent: an established, uniform appearance and character for all individuals.

Description of Boerboel

Four-legged is distinguished by a large physique. It is well-coordinated, athletic. With proper, systematic training, muscle mass can withstand increased physical exertion, run fast, perform tasks of different directions.

In relation to the body, the head is large, it is square, strong with large folds of skin. The muzzle, in turn, is small. Ears have a triangular shape, hanging. Ideally, a scissor bite should be present in the Boerboel description.

The tail is long, narrowed to the tip, however, some owners prefer to stop it (by the way, like the ears).

Weight, height Boerboel

As noted above, the dog is large. His height is 60-70 cm, and weight - 60-90 kg.

Boerboel colors

A wide variety of colors Boerboel you will not see. The coat is characterized by various shades of brown. The body is usually slightly lighter than the color of the ears. There is a black mask on the face.

It should be noted that the coat is short and fits snugly to the body. She does not cause trouble in leaving.

Boerboel character

This dog has a very strong, strong-willed temperament. She is most inclined to leadership, and therefore, in order to curb her, tame her, an even more serious owner will be required. Only such a person will be able to show his power over the dog, convince him that it is better to obey and listen to all the commands.

With proper education, the four-legged does not pose a threat to others. He will even be in excellent contact with children and other pets. The main thing, we emphasize again, is the correct training!

He has a very well-developed instinct of a guard, a defender. By its nature, Boerboel adores the owner, sometimes even too much, fanatically. In the case of even a minimal threat to his safety, the tailed man will selflessly rush to defend him. Even at the cost of your own life!

Content South African Boerboel

Despite the fact that the pet is large, some people manage to safely maintain the South African Boerboel even in an apartment. Still, it is preferable to do this in a country house.

An important aspect of care is a good contact. In this case, you can cope with all the everyday nuances of caring for his health and appearance without much hassle.

So, for example, you often don’t have to bathe it and comb it out, because the short coat is completely unpretentious. Do not neglect brushing your teeth and ears in order to avoid the risk of various infections. Also remember to periodically rub your eyes and cut off your claws.

How to feed Boerboel?

The choice of type of food always lies on the shoulders of the owner of the animal. A logical dilemma arises before him: “How to feed Boerboel: straight or feed”. Recently, there are more and more adherents of natural feeding. In this case, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort on the constant preparation of food for the quadrupole (human, especially from the table, is prohibited!). The disadvantage of this option is the need to find a balance across all food elements, but pets usually perceive it more readily for taste.

Dry food, wet, canned food makes life much easier, but also quite expensive. Of course, we are not talking about economy-class products. She definitely won't do.

Boerboel Training

If you decide to have such a large guard pet, you should not neglect proper education. This is not just recommended, but strictly required. In the absence of training Boerboel can become aggressive, evil.

Despite the fact that the above-mentioned features are not peculiar to the nature of the four-legged, obedience is achieved only through training. Given the fact that he is inclined to authoritarianism, the owner will need strength, patience.

Training should begin at a very young age. Under no circumstances give way to your pet, no matter how cute he looks at you. Be steadfast, firm, but do not resort to violent methods. They will further embitter the dog. Start with socialization, compulsory education for people. Then proceed to the basic teams and work skills.

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