Border Collie

Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world! And this is not surprising. Her working qualities are at the highest level. After reading our article, you will find that the decision to have a Border Collie is an excellent choice.

  • Origin United Kingdom, Growth 30 - 60 сm., Weight 10 - 20 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 1175 $



Voted: 8


Name of the breed: Border Collie

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. An impressive fact about the Border Collie: Scientists from the University of British Columbia (Canada) put this breed in 1st place in the ranking of "The Smartest Dogs in the World"!
  2. The shepherd qualities of these four-footed can interfere with its owners in modern life, as the dog will constantly strive to build and direct everyone.

    Border Collie

  3. In translation, the name of the breed sounds like "shepherd's border dog."
  4. Many owners note this fact about the Border Collie: not a single narrow slot and the highest fence will be an obstacle to the escape. In this regard, you need to closely monitor that the dog did not run away anywhere.
  5. Representative Border Collie Rico knew and understood more than 300 words!

Breed history Breed history

The main advantage of the Border Collie breed dog is that no man has a hand in its origin. This had a positive effect on the level of the breed's intellect, its efficiency and excellent health.

The Border Collie story began in the border area between England and Scotland. It was there in the distant 16th century that the first representatives of this species were born.

Description Border Collie Description Border Collie

These four-footed differ in elegance and grace. They tend to elongated body with a developed musculature. The tail is low, has the form of "swords". Strong limbs parallel to each other.

Border Collie options:

Height: 47-53 cm.


Weight: 15-20 kg.

The head is elongated, tapers towards the tip of the nose. The length of the face and forehead is approximately the same, which is a distinctive feature of the description of the Border Collie. The eyes are oval. The nose is black. Ears can be either standing or bent. Are located quite widely.

According to the standard, these dogs can be both short-haired and with medium hair. Regardless of the length, they are endowed with a soft and warm undercoat that warms the dog in any bad weather. Ostev hair is soft and silky. Various variants of its color are allowed, but the main thing is that the white color does not prevail in it.

Dog in the apartment Dog in the apartment

Best of all, Border Collie dogs feel out of town in a large private house. It is there that they can fully realize their full potential. For them, regular active exercise and exercise are very important. In this regard, it is preferable that the owner was a sports person who is ready for long walks with a pet. Border Collie in the apartment will feel constrained.

At home, these quadrupeds get along well with both the large family and other pets. Another undoubted advantage in favor of the Border Collie is that they are madly in love with children and are ready to play with them all day.

Caring for them is very simple: it is enough to bathe the dog as it is polluted, and also to regularly comb it out in order to avoid the formation of tangles and help him get rid of the already unnecessary wool.

to feed the Border Collie What to feed the Border Collie?

As soon as the puppy appears in its new home, its owners have a question: “What should we feed the Border Collie?”. The best option is to visit a veterinarian, who will tell you the preferred diet in accordance with the needs of a particular dog.

As for the Border Collie dogs, then meat should be the basis of the diet. The presence of carbohydrates is also important, but in limited quantities, so as not to face the threat of obesity of the pet. We should not forget about vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Meals only dry food possible. Its advantage is that the owners do not need to spend time and energy on cooking - enough, just buy a good and high-quality food.

Border Collie training Border Collie training

Dogs of this breed are recognized as the smartest in the world! They easily perform various work tasks, easily master new teams. In order that their intellect and abilities do not disappear in vain, it is important to engage with the dog both intellectually and physically, otherwise there is a risk of facing an angry, uncontrollable animal.

Border Collie training should start early, literally right after the puppy appears in the house. It should be reduced to socialization, training basic teams, and only then you can start learning professional activities.

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