Central Asian Shepherd Dog

A strong, unshakable and proud guard is the hero of our article, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Many people appreciate these dogs for their unique protective qualities. Let's see what is the secret of such a huge popularity of the breed.

  • Origin USSR, Growth 60 - 80 сm., Weight 50 - 90 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit



Voted: 10


Name of the breed: Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: No

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: Yes

Guide-dog: Yes

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. The official name of the breed is the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. However, it is known to many under a different name - Alabai, which has Turkmen roots.
  2. The main thing for the Asian is his working qualities. A dog with a weakly developed guarding and protective instincts is rejected and not allowed to breed.


  3. The extremely high levels of stamina, strength, fearlessness and health were influenced by such factors as the harsh conditions in which the breed developed.
  4. In the same area it is not necessary to start two males, as they will constantly compete. Possible even the strongest fights. The best option is to keep together 2 male dogs with the 1st female.

Breed history Breed history

First of all, it is worth noting that the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a breed of dogs, to the removal of which no human hand is attached. As a species, it originated in Central Asia, where it was widely used to protect people, their homes and herds.

For a long four thousand years, the appearance, working qualities and character of the dog were influenced by quite severe and climatic and natural factors, as well as natural selection, which occurred in the process of fighting between either representatives of the breed or in a fight with wild animals.

Thus, the history of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, in which the blood of the most ancient Asian, herding, fighting breeds mixed, led to its modern presentation.

Characteristic Characteristic Alabai

These dogs are remarkable for their large and sturdy constitution parameters. Their height at the withers should be 70 cm or more in males, and females 65 cm. Their torso can be described as dense and muscular. Important points of the characteristics of Alabai can be distinguished by a short neck, a wide, powerful back, a slightly chosen belly and a short loin.

The head is massive. She has:

Lips that cover the lower jaw

Black and big nose

Wide-set dark eyes round shape

Triangular ears that are low and hang. By the way, they sometimes stop.

The transition from the skull to the muzzle is poorly pronounced. It is important that the dog does not have any folds of skin on the head, as well as bryley.

The tail of the dog, which he usually keeps down, is shaped like a saber. The limbs are strong, athletic, and the paws are round and tightly gathered.

Pet color

Coat Alabai consists of a very coarse and tough coat and a warm undercoat. Hair is straight. In total, there are two types of it, depending on the length:

Short (about 3 cm)

Long (about 7 cm)

As for the color Alabai, it should be quite variegated and can be of the following colors: white, fawn, brown, black. Allowed combinations of these colors in the form of individual spots.

Character Alabai

Enumerate the positive qualities of this dog can be infinitely long. It sometimes combines seemingly incompatible features. However, they create the perfect balance between a home dog and a fearless guard.

Important qualities for the home can be called the fact that the character of Alabai is very calm, loyal, restrained. Get him out of yourself still need to try. He is deeply attached to his master and will always be on guard for his safety.

To protect the nature of Alabai is also ideal. After all, he is strong in spirit, fearless, always strives to emerge from the battle as a winner, and also very sensitive.

Content Content dogs breed Central Asian Shepherd

For the apartment, he definitely does not fit. The ideal place to stay will be a private house with a vast territory. Also captive content of the Central Asian Shepherd dog will be acceptable.

As for living with other dogs in the same territory, this is a difficult question. Alabai is a proud, domineering dog. This causes fights and war for supremacy in the territory.

feed What to feed Alabai?

The main principle of nutrition is quality and balance. For him, suitable as dry food super-premium or just premium classes, as well as natural products.

In principle, everything is clear with dry food, but problems with a natural diet can arise. Feed Alabai should first of all fresh meat, cereals, various vegetables. Avoid any form of flour, sweet, as well as an abundance of spices.

Food the dog needs a lot, but it can be divided into two meals a day - in the morning and evening. Avoid feeding the dog. Yes, they are perfectly able to ask, but you should not be led to such tricks - it only harms the health of the pet.

Education Education Central Asian Shepherd

First of all, it should be noted that these animals remain “children” for quite a long time. As such, “maturity” they reach only by the 3rd year.

It is very important not to miss the moment of raising the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and socializing the dog. From the first days you need to show who is the boss in the house, who she should listen to, and also teach how to carry out basic commands.

Socialization is also an important aspect, because it is the key to the security of both the owner and his family, and strangers.

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