Chihuahua is a small, brisk dog, a great companion and a pet. Read our article which will help you to know more about the features of his upbringing, feeding and maintenance.

  • Origin Mexiko, Growth 20 - 40 cm., Weight 1 - 3 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 20000 $



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Name of the breed: Chihuahua

Fit for allergics: Yes

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting facts

  1. The smallest Chihuahua Wonderful Millie weighs only 400 grams, and her height does not exceed 10 centimeters. She is recognized as the smallest dog in the world.
  2. Scientists have cloned Wonderful Millie. The cloning was successful and 49 copies appeared. They are as small as the original.


  3. These dogs do not overgrow a spring on the skull. Because of this fact about Chihuahua, some attribute to the breed a constant connection with the cosmos and energy flows.
  4. In ancient Mexico, small doggies lived only at monasteries, the common people could not get them.
  5. If you plan to keep several Chihuahuas, then start them of the same sex, so they get along better with each other.

Story Chihuahua Story

Chihuahuas are from Mexico. It is believed that their ancestors were the favorites of the ancient Maya. Images of similar dogs are also found in Aztec drawings. It is known for certain that in 1888 the dog handler James Watson bought a Chihuahua in Mexico and brought it to the USA. From this point on, the current history of the breed can be read.

Description Description of Chihuahua

Chihuahua - shorthair or long-haired dog, color from white to brindle. Chihuahua's ears are erect and large, curious little face, meaningful look.

  • Height: 15 to 23 centimeters at the withers;
  • Weight: 1.5 to 3 kilograms.

It should be borne in mind that there are adult individuals whose weight does not exceed one kilogram.

In the description of the Chihuahua, two hull structures are distinguished: the cobby is dense and heavy, and the dire is lazy. All of them are miniature, but despite their size, the Chihuahuas are very strong. They are mobile and active.

Dogs' temperament is playful, but proud. They will never be offended, they are ready to fight for themselves, the owner and their territory with an opponent of any size.

Children Chihua can not get along, especially if the kids do not know how to handle animals. Such contacts are best limited.

Care Care and maintenance of Chihuahua

Special conditions in the care and maintenance of Chihua do not require. They feel great in the apartment. It should be remembered that heat is important for them, some even refuse to go out during the cold season.

Both long-haired and short-haired should be combed, the first naturally more often. Ears also require care - they should be cleaned regularly.

Frequent bathing is not required, because it on the contrary harms the protective functions of the four-legged coat.

A collar is not recommended for walking, it can damage your pet, buy a harness for it.

Nutrition Chihuahua Food

It is necessary to pay attention to the diet of the Chihuahua, which must be balanced. Best suited special feed. In order to choose it correctly taking into account all the physiological characteristics of a pet, it is worth contacting either a professional breeder or a veterinary clinic.

Feeding is also possible with natural products. They should be well cooked and not include sausages, bones, pastries, sweets, an abundance of spices and salt.

It is strictly forbidden to overfeed these dogs, as they are prone to rapid weight gain. Giving food off the table, too, should not be.

training Chihuahua training

Chihuahua training can be started from two months of age. Chihua have a sufficiently developed intellect, and they are able to master many teams. “Sit”, “no”, “fu”, “lie down”, “place” and “near” - this is the minimum list that the dog can master. Challenge to the tray - a convenient skill for a pet living in the apartment.

With proper care and maintenance, the average age of a chihuahua is 12 to 15 years. Known long-lived - up to 18 years.

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Очень славные щенки, а я собираюсь в Польшу на пару дней в конце августа, как знать может у вас ещё будет щеночек в продаже. Очень мечтаю о щеночке чихуахуа, а в Украине война. Еду в отпуск и может быть куплю у вас!Удачи вам. 

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