East-European Shepherd

In this article, we will understand what kind of breed this is - the East European Shepherd Dog, what is its difference from the German Shepherd and which is better to choose.

  • Origin USSR, Growth 60 - 80 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 1057 $



Voted: 7


Name of the breed: East-European Shepherd

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: Yes

Guide-dog: Yes

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. The founder of VEO is a dog named Abrek. Incidentally, he is forever captured in a 1938 film called "Gaychi."
  2. These dogs took part in the Second World War. In Moscow there is a monument to the brave dogs VEO.


  3. In the 90s of the last century, there was a risk of the disappearance of this pet. No one wanted to recognize him, considering a real shepherd, only German.
  4. Ponytails take an active part in filming, demonstrating their skills in training. These are films: “To me, Mukhtar!”, “Faithful Ruslan” and others.

History of the breed East European Shepherd History of the breed East European Shepherd

The dog has a fairly short description of its origin. She was bred in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 20th century. The basis was taken German Shepherd. The dog was required to carry out high-quality tasks of various kinds. So, for example, she successfully served the Red Army, was an excellent guide if necessary.

The 1964th year is the year of approval of the very first standard of this four-legged.

Today, this pet continues to bravely help people in solving problems of various kinds. The history of the breed East European Shepherd continues. She works in the ranks of the police, customs, drug control, metro security, the Ministry of Emergencies, etc. You can’t stop wondering how much this dog can do with proper training!

Description of East European Shepherd Dog Description of East European Shepherd Dog

These dogs have a pronounced gender difference. Males are larger, more prominent, athletic than bitches. It is very important for them to comply with the standards of the proportions of the trunk, neck, head. So, for example, the head should be 40% of the height at the withers. The neck is set at an angle of 40 degrees.

The body of the four-legged has powerful muscles. The loin and back are broad, strong. The chest is wide, deep. The belly is tight. The tail has a saber shape, long.

The head, in turn, is massive, wedge-shaped. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is noticeable, but not too clear. The skull has the shape of a wedge, which narrows closer to the tip of the nose. Ears are set high. They are erect, triangular, with sharp tips. The eyes have an oval shape, set slightly obliquely, dark. The bite of the caudate scissor. The lips are thin, black.

The limbs, both front and rear, are placed in parallel. The front ones stand straight, and the rear ones are a bit set aside. The paws are oval.


Height: 62-72 cm.

Weight: 30-60 kg.

Differences between East European and German Shepherd Dogs

VEO has a larger physique (it is taller, larger, chest wider);

The VEO has a straight back, the German has a ridge with an angle of 23 degrees;

The character of VEO is more calm than that of a cheerful, friendly German;

VEO is more characteristic manifestation of distrust of strangers;

It is often used for service, and not just as a pet.

Character of an East European Shepherd Dog

The disposition of this pet is more severe, suspicious than that of a German. He is not very friendly. He treats strangers with distrust, apprehension. If a threat comes from them, I’m ready to immediately rush into battle with the enemy and protect the owner. By the way, he loves him very much, is ready to defend him, to follow him in any situations. With affectionate children, neat.

East European Shepherd Dog Content East European Shepherd Dog Content

The best option for keeping an East European Shepherd Dog is a spacious, warm outdoor booth. The dog is large, and therefore in the apartment he may not be quite comfortable. If this is not possible, provide him with a reliable, secluded bedding. It should be soft and comfortable.

Bathing is often not recommended. 2 times a year will be enough. In general, grooming is not at all difficult. Periodic combing is enough.

Eyes and ears should be washed regularly, brush your teeth. In the case of regular, active walks, the claws will grind naturally. If this is not enough, use a claw cutter.

How to feed an East European Shepherd Dog? How to feed an East European Shepherd Dog?

It’s not necessary to puzzle over what to feed the East European Shepherd Dog. It can be natural food prepared by you, and dry food. The choice depends only on your financial and time capabilities.

The main thing is that the diet is balanced, healthy. Choose only premium classes of feed, and buy natural, fresh, without preservatives. It should include meat, cereals, vegetables, sour milk.

East European Shepherd Dog Training East European Shepherd Dog Training

A high level of intelligence and learning ability allows the four-legged to easily learn teams, both basic and working. He does not claim to be a leader and is ready to listen to the owner, without hesitation he does what is required of him.

From early childhood, a course of socialization begins, which includes the ability to contact people, animals, and children. It’s also training for the toilet, the place, the commands “Fu!”, “It is impossible!”, Etc.

Then you can proceed to a deeper training. After its development, training in working qualities follows (search, surveillance, security).

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