Englische Bulldogge

The English Bulldog is a real knight in armor: courageous and awesome, but at the same time calm and unshakable. You bring into the house not just a dog, but part of English history.

  • Origin United Kingdom, Growth 30 - 60 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 8-12 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 10000 $



Voted: 21


Name of the breed: Englische Bulldogge

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Curious facts

1. English Bulldog is a brand. For many, it is associated with aristocracy and reliability, so many companies, political parties and sports teams made this dog their symbol. For example, this breed is the emblem of 5 US universities, and one of the ships of the Royal Navy of Great Britain is named in its honor.
2. Warmly love English Bulldog and celebrities such as Pink, Jack Gyllenhaal, Alexander Rosenbaum.
English Bulldog
3. An interesting fact is that many artists, associating Great Britain with the English Bulldog, drew Churchill cartoons with the head of a bulldog, although he did not like this breed at all.
4. These "Englishmen" are in the TOP-20 "The most popular dogs in the world."
5. Because of the calm, measured temperament of the dog, this breed is very often called "a breed for lazy people."

story The history of the development of the breed English Bulldog

Initially, the Old English Bulldog, the ancestor of the modern English Bulldog, was bred for bull baiting - barbaric entertainment, which was nonetheless very popular in England. From the original purpose of the dog and its name went: ‘bull’ - bull, ‘dog’ - dog. The modern bulldog has of course lost its primary functions, but has retained the charm and spirit of England.

Description Characteristics of the breed

The parameters correspond to the original purpose - the persecution of animals. This dog is short in stature (50-55 cm) and weighs 23-25 ​​kg. Despite such seemingly small parameters, he has a massive head, which nevertheless does not contrasted in any way against the background of a short but muscular torso. Paws are short, but very strong. Looking from the front, you can see two characteristic squares: the head and the gap between the front legs. Chest powerful, wide, arched back, tail lowered down. It is impossible not to recognize the muzzle, along with its thick, drooping wings, ears like the "rose" and low set intelligent eyes.

English Bulldog is a short-haired breed.

Color varies from multicolor to monochrome:

 Red and White
 Brindle
 Fawn
 White
 Different shades of red

maintenance Features of the breed

English Bulldog unpretentious in its content. He feels great in the apartment, gets along even with the smallest children and does not require long, active walks on the street (strong physical exertion is contraindicated). Hair and claws do not need special care. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the folds on the face, which you need to regularly wash to avoid the development of infections.

Training is required only in the case of participation in exhibitions.

The optimal diet is considered the feeding of natural products. Mixed with dry food type is not recommended. Feed should be meat, cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs. Also, do not forget about dairy products.

Dogs of this breed prefer to eat by the hour. You should not pamper them strongly, because of their fastidiousness the bulldog can start to refuse from the usual food.

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Hello I am interested please can you let me know how much they cost please

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