Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an ideal family dog. Choosing a representative of this breed, you will get not just a pet, but a real friend, an assistant, companion, who will always be loyal to his masters.

  • Origin United Kingdom, Growth 30 - 60 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

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Name of the breed: Golden Retriever

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: Yes

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: Yes

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. The well-known fact is that golden retrievers love to swim.
  2. Often, dogs of this breed are attracted to the service in the customs authorities and the police. Retrievers are looking for weapons, drugs, explosives.
  3. Golden Retrievers are inborn actors. Representatives of this breed can be seen in the cartoon “Up”, as well as in such films as “The Tenth Kingdom”, “The King of Air”, “The Snow Five” and others.

    Golden Retrievers

  4. Golden Retriever ranks second in the number of registrations in European Kennel Clubs.
  5. Golden Retriever - "night" animal. It is noted that the dogs of this breed show maximum activity in the evenings and at night.
  6. The loudest barking (113.1 dB) is recorded at the Golden Retriever. Charlie the Dog (Charlie) from Australia is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
  7. The courage of the Golden Retriever knows no bounds. Once, an 11-year-old boy named Austin (Austin) was attacked by a cougar. The dog was not scared and bravely defended the child before the police arrived. Moreover, the dog not only survived, but also fully recovered.

This dog is incredibly smart, damn charming and insanely friendly. He will always surround his host with boundless love, affection and tenderness.

The history of this breed began with a cross between a straight-haired retriever and a tweed-water-spaniel. Then, as a result of mating with other breeds, such as, for example, Bloodhound, a golden retriever was bred. The official date of registration of the breed is 1913.

Breed Description Golden Retriever Breed Description Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a very well-built breed of dog. Her torso can be described as strong and muscular. Depending on the sex of the animal, average growth values ​​are distinguished: 51-61 cm, weight values: 25-40 kg. The head of the retriever does not contrast with the body, there is a clear transition from the forehead to the muzzle, the eyes are dark, the nose is black, the ears are at the level of the eyes, drooping. The neck is rather long and strong, the chest is wide.

The coat of the Golden Retriever is remarkable for its incredible beauty. Wool is usually either straight or wavy. The undercoat is very dense, so the dog does not get wet. Acceptable color options:



Sometimes there are small white spots on the chest, but completely white color is unacceptable.

Golden retrievers are incredibly good dogs. From them it is impossible to hear the barking, to see even a fraction of the aggression. These dogs are incredibly devoted to their owner, get along well with children of all ages. Relations with other dogs can also be described as friendly. The Retriever will never get involved in a fight, he is characterized by truly English calmness and tolerance.

Rules of nutrition, content, training

Food Golden Retriever Food Golden Retriever

Three existing power schemes are suitable for feeding a golden retriever:

Dry food

Natural products

Mixed type

When making a pet you need to decide which type you prefer. When choosing the first type of feeding, you should carefully study the feed market and choose from the variety of the most natural and balanced option. When choosing the second type, emphasis should be placed on the following products: meat (only non-fat), sea fish, cottage cheese (preferably homemade), cereals, vegetables. The main principle of the third, mixed type is that it is impossible to give both feed and natural products at the same time. It should be different meals.

Pet Care Pet Care

Caring for a golden retriever is very difficult and the owners of this breed need to be prepared for a significant investment of time. It is recommended to bathe your dog as it is contaminated with special shampoos. "Golden" wool is better to comb as often as possible. After each walk, it is advisable to check the dog's skin for insects. Eyes and ears should be washed daily, trimmed claws as they grow, and teeth should be brushed 1-2 times a week.

Retriever training Retriever training

Golden Retriever is not just a dog, but a full-fledged member of the family. That is why he requires maximum attention from his master. Pet is ready to take part in any kind of life of family members. Training a Golden Retriever can begin as early as possible. Dogs are distinguished by excellent acumen and therefore can easily be trained. The main thing in this process is patience and the absence of aggression towards the dog.

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