Jack Russell Terrier

If, looking at the movie “Mask” with Jim Carrey, you thought about how it would be great to get the same dog as Milo - look at Jack Russell Terrier. You will fall in love with him even more after describing the features of the breed and its content in this article.

  • Origin United Kingdom, Growth 20 - 40 cm., Weight 3 - 6 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



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Name of the breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Fit for allergics: Yes

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting facts

  1. Dog Milo from the movie “The Mask” (The Mask) - Jack Russell Terrier.
  2. The sporting fact about the Jack Russell Terrier: these dogs are notable jumpers. They can jump to a height of about 1.5 meters.


  3. Despite the presence of wool, these dogs are prone to burning in the sun. In this regard, the owners are recommended to smear them with sunscreen during long walks in the sun.
  4. These dogs were even at the South and North Poles! This fact about the Jack Russell Terrier took place in 1982, when the scientists Ginny and Ralph Fiennes took their pet on scientific expeditions.
  5. The first representatives of this breed appeared in Russia only in 1999.

story Origin of the Jack Russell Terrier

The history of these dogs is very confusing. Their breeding began in the 19th century by the English priest Jack Russell, who later gave the name to the breed. His main goal was to create an ideal dog for burrowing. Much attention was paid to the working qualities of the dogs rather than their exterior.

The origin of the Jack Russell Terrier is associated with matings of various breeds. This and various terriers, and even the Boule-and-terrier. As a result, a bold, strong, hardy dog ​​with a light color was obtained. White wool was extremely important so that the hunter did not confuse his dog with the animals he hunted.

Description Appearance of Jack Russell Terrier

These dogs are small. Their growth varies within the 25-30cm, and the weight is not more than 5-6 kg. Their bodies are squat, elongated, athletic. The chest is rather narrow and strong. The tail can either be stopped or not. The front and rear limbs are straight, parallel, with developed muscles. Feet round, tough.

The head of these four-legged looks harmonious. It is elongated and with a rather wide muzzle. Hanging ears. The eyes are oval, dark, with a black rim. The dog has very strong and strong teeth. The neck is elongated, muscular.

The beautiful appearance of the Jack Russell Terrier creates his fur. It fits tightly to the body and has a tough texture. The color is white with spots of various colors: black, red, brown.

Care Jack Russell Terrier Care

In the care of Jack Russell Terrier unpretentious. For these dogs, regular routine procedures will suffice. Bathe them more often 2-3 times a year is not worth it, so as not to harm the protective barrier of the skin. You can comb out about 2-3 times a week, more often during the molting period. We should not forget about cutting the claws, brushing your teeth, ears and rinsing the eyes.

Keep dogs of this breed can be in the apartment, the main thing - to create a dog comfortable conditions. It should have its own quiet and cozy place to sleep, feeding bowls, as well as toys. Walking it is recommended as often as possible, since these four-footed are famous for increased activity.

Nutrition Eating Jack Russell Terrier

Today, there are three types of dog food:

  • Industrial feed
  • Natural food
  • Mixed

To feed the Jack Russell Terrier any of the above options will do. The main thing that should be considered by a person who decided to buy a Jack Russell Terrier is the quality of the products he purchases. Dry food should be chosen only super premium or premium class. However, you need to nevertheless carefully study the feedback of the owners of the breed, consult with the breeder, your veterinarian before buying. The main thing is that the food should be balanced in all food elements and bring benefit to the pet, not harm.

Natural food must be truly natural. You can not give the dog semi-finished products, sausages, spices. It is better to focus on meat, cereals, dairy products.

training Jack Russell Terrier Training

Raising these pets has a number of features. The main one is that these little dogs are insanely mobile, playful and cheerful. In this regard, they can shirk from the execution of commands and play pranks. In order to avoid this from the very first days of the stay of the dog in your house, you need to show the authority and strength of the owner. But strength must be shown not in the direct sense, but with the help of a commanding voice, firmness, confidence and steadfastness.

Training Jack Russell Terrier is recommended to start early, so as not to face the problem of your four-legged bad manners. Training should be varied, interesting and active, so that the dog does not get bored. It is best to encourage delicacies and scold them with a serious tone of voice.

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