German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is a service and investigative dog, it can also be a guard and a pet, feed and distill cattle. This is one of the most versatile breeds. Raise a German shepherd is quite capable even beginner dog breeders.

  • Origin Germany, Growth 30 - 60 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 8-12 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 2351 $



Voted: 20


Name of the breed: German Shepherd

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: Yes

Dog guard: Yes

Guide-dog: Yes

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting facts about the German Shepherd Interesting facts about the German Shepherd

  1. These four-legged are in the TOP-3 "The smartest dogs in the world."

  2. Also a curious fact about the German Shepherd is that it is recognized as the most popular dog for official purposes.
    the German Shepherd

  3. During the Second World War, these dogs were used as assistants to honey. workers, engineers, messengers.

  4. The following fact about the German Shepherd is related to its performance: in addition to the above qualities, they are also excellent guides.

  5. These dogs are not distinguished by a strong attachment to their owner and can, if necessary, move on to another.

German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd Dog for guard

This breed is related to service and investigative dogs. She can also be a guard and pet, herd and distill cattle. This is one of the most versatile breeds. Buy and raise a German shepherd is quite capable even beginner dog breeders.

The breed of German shepherd was bred by the end of the nineteenth century in Germany. The herding and guarding functions were primary, but the breeders were not limited to them. Thanks to their physical data and persistent psyche, ease in dog training quickly entered different areas of life: security, rescue, search, police and military functions, universal friends and companions.

Character and features Character and features

Those who are trying to learn more about the German Shepherd, it will be useful to get to know her better. The dog has a strong muscular body, medium size, slightly elongated, the hair is medium, it can be long. The ears are erect, directed forward, the eyes are almond-shaped, the head is proportional to the body and is wedge-shaped.

Key parameters of the German Shepherd

  • Height: females 55-60, males 60-65 centimeters at the withers;
  • Weight: bitches 20-30, in males 30-40 kilograms;
  • Color: black with red, completely black or gray, brown-red with black.
  • Wool: thick and straight, moderately long, on the hind legs may be longer, forming a kind of pants.

Behavior features

The temperament of the German Shepherd balanced. She easily converges with the owner, can be trained. He likes to bark, but not excessively. Wary of strangers, but listens and looks to the reaction of the owner, if he is supportive, it is easy to get along with new people.

When the host's behavior changes, he changes his own, adapts.

The German Shepherd is bold, combative, but not overly aggressive. Protects the territory entrusted to her, the family, the herd. Easy to communicate with children.

Service dogs are able to change owners, to serve with different people. The final character largely depends on the education and training.

Care Care and education of German shepherd

The dog is very agile, she loves physical exertion. If you like this breed, you will have to walk a lot. The dog is ideal to keep in a private house, where there are enough places for an aviary and the ability to run around the territory, but it is possible in the apartment. In this case, walks with activities are required.

Pet must be combed, but often it is not recommended to wash it. In training, you should adhere to stamina, but not aggressiveness, it is necessary to establish contact with the animal, it will respond to you in return. If this is your first dog, then it will be very good to go to a special club and complete basic lessons together.

German Shepherd puppies break away from mom at the age of a month and a half, and then feed is administered. You can use as a special balanced feed, and prepare their own food. The first is easier and more convenient. Allowed to combine, but you can not dramatically move from one food to another, suddenly change the diet.

Discipline and discipline should be taught from an early age. Important schedule. Recommend communication and games with peers, socialization.

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