This article will help you to find out why Weimaraner is called the "silver ghost", its history, as well as how to care for it, feed it and raise it.

  • Origin Germany, Growth 60 - 80 сm., Weight 20 - 50 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 1774 $



Voted: 10


Name of the breed: Weimaraner

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: Yes

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. The working qualities of these dogs are not limited to hunting. Increasingly, we can hear the following fact about Weimaraner: they are recognized as excellent assistants in the police and search and rescue services.
  2. The name "silver ghost" firmly established for this breed.


  3. The first mention of this breed is dated the 17th century. This fact about the Weimaraner confirms their long and difficult history.
  4. Despite the external threat, it is very gentle pets.
  5. Weimaraner dogs are excellent companions who never claim recognition for their primacy.

Breed history Breed history

Germany, namely the city of Weimar (Weimar) is the birthplace of the Weimaraner breed. Its roots come presumably from European marriages, and the exact date of the beginning of the history of the Weimaraner breed has not been established. These dogs were used for hunting, as they were famous for their strength, courage, speed of reaction.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century, the species almost completely disappeared. An enormous amount of work was done to restore it and increase the number of its representatives. Only in the 30s this was achieved.

Today, Weimaraner dogs are very popular and valuable around the world.

Weimaraner description Weimaraner description

In total, there are two types of these dogs:



In the first type, the coat is represented by a short, hard guard hair, and the undercoat is either very slight or completely absent.

The second type of wool is long, may be slightly wavy. The presence or absence of a Weimaraner undercoat is not regulated at all.

Color and gave the dog breed Weimaraner the name "silver ghost". It is of the following types: various shades of silver and mouse.

Without the presentation of the exterior it is impossible to give a complete description of Weimaraner. These dogs have more than average parameters. Their height varies in the range of 57-70 cm, and weight in the range of 25-40 kg. They are very proportionally folded. The trunk is elongated, the neck and wide chest are distinguished by muscularity, the back is strong. The tail is usually cropped. The extremities of the Weimaraner breed are very strong and straight.

The head of these four-legged does not contrast with the body. The lines of the forehead and muzzle are parallel, the transition between them is visible, but very weak. The muzzle itself is elongated, tapers towards the nose. Weimaraner's ears can be described as close and high set. The eyes are round. The upper lip sags and covers the lower jaw.

Dog content Dog content

Despite the fact that Weimaraner dogs are hunting, their content in the vast territory is not necessarily. Provided regular, active, long walks, the maintenance of Weimaraner in the apartment will not be a problem.

He is very attached to his family, especially to the owner. If you decide to have a Weimaraner breed dog, this fact must be taken into account, since spending a lot of time alone can become embittered and aggressive. However, these qualities are not alien to them, but they do not apply to their family, but to strangers.

Caring for these dogs is not at all difficult and comes down to bathing as needed (but not too often), to weekly combing, brushing your teeth and ears, and clipping claws about once every 2 weeks.

What to feed Weimaraner? What to feed Weimaraner?

Weimaraner breed is prone to allergies, which is why you need to seriously consider the choice of pet food. On the question of how to feed Weimaraner, there are two possible answers:

Industrial feed

Natural products

If the choice fell on the first item, you should not take the first food in the store with a beautiful label. It is necessary to carefully examine the manufacturers, the composition of their products, reviews. Perhaps it makes sense to consult with the breeders of these dogs, with veterinarians.

The choice of natural food is also not so simple. The construction of the diet should meet all the needs of the Weimaraner dog: it must be balanced and useful. That is why the diet requires the presence of lean meat, cereals, vegetables, fruits, various oils.

Weimaraner training Weimaraner training

These quadrupeds are distinguished by a high level of intelligence and a tendency to train. Their training takes place in an easy and relaxed manner. In order for the Weimaraner training process to be pleasant, both the owner and the dog itself, you need to take into account a number of rules.

Start learning should be as early as possible, preferably immediately after the puppy in the house. It is worth starting with socialization, i.e. training place, walks, toilet. You also need to instill the right manners in relationships with people and other animals. Then you can begin to master the basic commands.

It is better to entrust training of the Weimaraner breed with hunting skills to a professional so that he can properly develop the genetic tendencies laid down in him.

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