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  • Origin United Kingdom, Growth 30 - 60 сm., Weight 10 - 20 kg.
  • Lifespan 10-15 years


Wool length



Mind and wit

Average cost

0 - 1585 $



Voted: 6


Name of the breed: Whippet

Fit for allergics: No

For families with children: Yes

Difficulty of care: No

Dog guard: No

Guide-dog: No

Ability to train: Yes

Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

  1. Whippet, thanks to its athletic limbs, is capable of speeds of 60, or even 70 km / h!
  2. People around you are almost 100% likely to ask the owners why the animal is so thin. All as one will think that you simply are not feeding your pet. In fact, thinness, protruding ribs are absolutely natural to him. This is a feature of its structure.


  3. These beauties are amazingly cute. They love to cuddle with their master and kiss him by licking.
  4. The average life expectancy is 13-15 years.

Whippet's Story Whippet's Story

To date, unfortunately, it was not possible to establish accurate information about the history of Whippet. It is only known that the first evidence of its existence dates back to the 4th-5th century BC! It is impossible to say with certainty that the statue of those years, stored today in the Louvre, is an image of this particular dog, however, it is simply impossible to deny their striking similarity.

There are two more versions. According to one of them, the tailed ones first entered the British lands together with the Romans around the year 55 BC, and according to another, the miners of the 19th century brought pets.

Whippet's Description Whippet's Description

Looking at the caudate, you will never think that it is an excellent working dog. Initially, they were intended for fast running, hunting for hares. In this regard, they have a very strong, strong physique, which is nevertheless distinguished by some visual fragility, elegance, and lightness.

The body in Whippet's description is very compact, neat, athletic. The shape of the back resembles a kind of arch, but the dog nevertheless should not seem like a stoop. The back is wide. The chest is very deep, and the stomach is matched.

The limbs are long, strong. Hips, as well as shins, very powerful, wide.

It is difficult to find a transition from the cranial part of the head to the muzzle; it is almost invisible. The skull is oblong and dry. It is flat. The nose, as a rule, is either black or matches the coat color. Do not allow pink. The jaws are very strong with a scissor bite. The ears are small.

The tail is long, arched, tapering to the tip.

Coat is not strictly standardized. It is short and fits to the body. Color is possible in a wide variety of variations.

Whippet's weight, height

Whippet's growth ranges from 44-51 cm (depending on the sex of the individual), and weight - about 10-14 kg.

Whippet's character

These pets are perfect for family living. They are not at all in conflict with young children, but will be happy to participate in all their games. As for other pets, they will be in a warm relationship with them. Even if you have several representatives of the breed, you will not see any rivalry between them.

With the owner the dog is very affectionate, gentle. By nature, Whippet is smart and quick-witted, gladly fulfills what is wanted of him, but only if it falls within his desires and principles. By the way, as a guard, he is not the best choice, since good nature does not allow attacking strangers. Of course, if we are not talking about a stressful situation, a threat to family members.

Whippet's Content Whippet's Content

A dog designed historically for running is certainly better to buy for living in a country house than a small apartment. If this is not possible, then you will have to take care of serious physical exertion. You will need to walk a lot with a variety of physical exercises, games.

Wool to oneself does not require much attention. She is absolutely not whimsical to leave. You do not need to comb it out daily, cut and spend a lot of money on groomers. It is enough to bathe several times a year as it becomes soiled and periodically combed with a brush.

Of course, do not forget about the timely cleaning of the ears and teeth, washing the eyes, cutting the claws.

Whippet Feeding Whippet Feeding

Today, veterinarians identify three possible options for feeding dogs. It:

Dry feed;


Mixed type.

The latter type, by the way, many manufacturers absolutely do not welcome. But keep in mind that they are more than anyone else interested in you buying feed, preferably in large quantities. The choice is yours anyway.

The first and second type have their pros and cons. So, for example, dry food frees you from the need to calculate kbzhu food, think about the need to add vitamins to the diet. Minus the high cost of quality premium products and super-premium classes.

Natural foods tend to be more attractive for Whippet in terms of taste. However, there is a risk of acquiring low-quality goods, spoiled, stuffed with chemicals, and even antibiotics.

Whippet Training Whippet Training

As mentioned above, the dog has a high level of intelligence and quick wit. Thanks to this, teaching him is a pleasure. He quickly and easily learns new teams and skills. To do this, you need to attach only a fraction of perseverance, warmth, praise. In no case do not scold the pet in case of failure. Give him time. An increased, strict tone, on the contrary, will repel any desire for learning and undermine your trusting relationships between each other.

It is important to remember that for the four-legged hunting instinct is characteristic. In this regard, be careful when training Whippet. He can easily get carried away and stop listening to you, relying only on his instinct.

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