Our cat is looking for a good partner for mating

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Uploaded 2018-12-12
Updated on 2018-12-12
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Our cat is looking for a good partner for mating

Pet Cats

Male/Female Female

Breed Siamese cat

Presence of a pedigree Yes

Age 6 Years 8 Months

Visa Mastercard
250.00 $ USD
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Seller: Marie Auberge

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Our cat is looking for a good partner for mating. The breed - Siamese. Good health, standarts of the breed.
All the necessary documentation.
Vancouver; Canada

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Pet Cats

Male/Female Female

Cat breed Siamese cat

Presence of a pedigree Yes

Pet title Yes

Veterinary passport Yes

Tests Yes

Mating contract Yes

Age 6 Years 8 Months

Announcement № 309 of the sale of a pet of the breed Siamese cat of the seller Marie Auberge in the city of Vancouver, Canada. The seller Marie Auberge has 22835 views, 0 reviews and rating 0 of 5. This user added 4 announcements about selling pets. You can clarify all the details and contact the seller on the ad "Our cat is looking for a good partner for mating" through the Online-consultant or feedback.
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